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Old Star Wars Action figures - What's it Worth?

Even if you are not a big fan of the Star Wars movies, you probably have your share of time play vintage Star Wars action figures. After all - Star Wars dominated a portion of the science fiction genre since the late 1970's, and the demand for numbers action continues today.

To the popularity of vintage Star Wars action figures in mind, we often wonder what specific toys, vehicles, or character, can carry on if we wanted to sell them. Before we begin, however, something we must state that, as with many vintage toys, The real value is in the eye of the beholder. While an X-Wing Starfighter could realistically be worth $ 50 to $ 250 on the open market, a specific collector can actually be prepared to pay more than the going rate for vintage star wars action figurines and vehicles.

Here are two resources that can help you recognize the value of your vintage Star Wars action figures.

While the popularity of eBay has floundered a bit as of late, it is also considered a massive worldwide market. If you are looking to find an estimated market value for your vintage star wars action figures, or even if you are just looking for some quick cash - eBay may very well be the very first place to look. Now, the prices on eBay are not necessarily reflective real value of some of the vintage Star Wars toys and in fact, the prices you find on eBay are likely to be less than you'd get from a private collector. All that said - is a great place to try to assess the value of your vintage Star Wars action figure.

With small price for the guide vintage Star Wars action figures that can be purchased, quite affordably, on One of the guide is "Warman's Star Wars Field Guide: Values and Identification "paperback. Priding This particular guide is purported to be a short and concise guide to prices of vintage Star Wars toys, figurines, and vehicles.

So, if you are in distress and wish you a relative idea what your Star Wars action figure may be worth, is places to go. However, if you are looking for a deeper, and probably accurate, price guide for your vintage Star Wars toys, check out the small handful of selection on to get your answers resolved about how much your action figures and vehicles are worth today.

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