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An anthology kilabot''larawan ng''tunay that horrible to describe masturbation, self-harm DIY and frustration can be the first in Britain to receive an 18 certificate.

The Dualism, described as isang''paglalakbay love and hate'', contains more than 100''kahiya-corruption wholeheartedly nagbubunsod''larawan.

Including here's a series of naked "animal-like" model nagwewelga''mataas kita''poses, a weeping man ejaculating blood in a bathroom, and a "monkey man" giving birth through his rectum.

Another shows a pregnant woman with a wound in his stomach. He is holding a bloodied needles for knitting.

The artist responsible, to protect his anonymity and is known only under alias "The Dualism", claimed that the 160-page A4 book is isang''maarte, if kita''gawin to traditional photography 'retro style '.

And because of its graphic content, the artist will consider adding an 18 certificate on the cover, or a strong na''''babala the website of the book,

Speaking yesterday, the artist said:''My books are intended for adults, not children, and though horrible, is not obscene and does not promote self-abuse - the picture is meant to bring deeper ideas about society in general to reflect our frailties and desperate humanity.

"The images can be misconstrued by the immature mind, but I find it highly unlikely that anyone will see it is not meant to, unless they are deliberately looking for it.

''That said, I appreciate that some art lovers are easily offended, especially those traditionally thought. Now I am contemplating what could be done, and if anything needs to do, to prevent it.''

The book is based on 'dualism', a belief that the two main mga''prinsipyo''- conflicting or otherwise - co-exist together.

The Artist cites surrealist Salvador Dali, Robert Louis Stevenson's' Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ', Mary Shelley's' Frankenstein' and Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve's barbot "Beauty and the Beast" as influences.

"Inside us there is always, and there are always two forces fighting each other," explained the artist.

"For example, outside world has a 'beauty' and 'ugliness', but my point is: where one ends and the other begin?

"This is the whole point of my art. I like to make people see reality from a different angle, getting rid of their stereotypes and prejudices by turning things inside out. "

The book, which went on sale earlier this month, has a charm all world follows.

It has more than 23,000 Facebook fans globally, some of which paid £ 2,000 for a signed first edition.

British finding a printer, the artist admits ,'''' hard. Most mga''''baulked and the content of the book, with a picture depicting a man in a gorilla breastfeeding mask receiving a lot of criticism in particular.

The artist said: "The contents of this book is so strong that it took me months to find a printer willing to do it.

"No one of the UK wanted to print the book, no matter how much money I offered - only they are terrified of pictures and poems attached to them. "

The Dualism finally found an "open mind" London printers, but has since come across new barriers to trade press.

The bookseller, for example, refused to feature the work in an upcoming issue of the book dedicated to photographic art, while the ones labeled "alternative" Bizarre magazine declined as the title for being "too provocative".

The artist added: "I deliberately set out to produce a collection of scandalous and provocative photos of people in shock casting off prejudgements

and see reality with new eyes.

"Apparently, however, has not proved too provocative to the conservative middle class to try to control the art world.''

But despite the setbacks, at''''dakot a complaint, The Dualism is selling like ng''''hotcakes.

The artist added:''My fans are appreciated it immensely. They feel scared than once fascinated by my art, which is only Another fight over that helped bring to the surface. "

The Dualism Vol. I priced £ 70 signed, and £ 45 unsigned. It is available from the multi-media website , where you can also view two videos preview.

But be warned: it's not for weak heart.

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