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Animals Left to Suffer in Leeds

The RSPCA is set to highlight the cruelty inflicted on animals in Leeds and the north of England with a 7-day campaign.

Anyone found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal face six months in jail and a £ 20,000 fine.

Over 700 abandoned animals have been rescued across the region over the past four months.

A puppy was found dumped in a taped up cardboard box by fluffy a member of the public.

The nine-week old German Shepherd puppy was found dumped in Fernfield Terrace in Halifax.

Another case last year involved dog thrown out of a car onto a side road leaving them stranded along the M621.

The campaign also includes a picture of a recently rescued puppy found dumped in Birstall near Batley.

The litter of five puppies were discovered by a member of the public in a field in Field Head Lane.

All puppies are playing in a field near a footpath and it is clear that they were dumped.

An RSPCA inspector said, 'It is shocking that even Who could abandon any animal in this way, especially such young puppies.

'They are all in good physical condition, which suggested that they had once belonged to someone. '

Figures from last year revealed that more than 30,000 wild, exotic, farm and domestic animals was being badly treated.

All the animals are either rescued from dangerous or stressful situations.

The north region superintendent said, 'The RSPCA works around the clock to rescue thousands of animals every year and 2007 is no exception.

'If people have pets they can not care for, for any reason, then help and advice is always available. It is an offense to leave any animal and there is not any reason for doing so. '

About the Author

Agency Incalls
Karri Madelline is a local freelance journalist who has experience as a companion in Leeds working for a model agent in Manchester.

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