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More Spiritual Insight's From Oprah's Soul Series

Elizabeth lessor is co-founder of Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and author of "Broken Open "and" The Seeker's Guide. "

Omega is a mecca for spiritual seekers around the world come there to commune with other than spiritual path. Everyone has had a commonality: they are looking for community and connection to each other and the greater whole.

When asked Oprah Elizabeth lesser to define spirituality, she said that it is a state of complete fearlessness, apart from all worry and anxiety.

Elizabeth used Michael J. Fox as an example of such fearlessness because he said he accepted his disease, Parkinson's, and if given the choice, he would choose to be hot again.

The lessons he has learned valuable.

Elizabeth and Oprah covered three topics: Death and dying, the Law of attraction and religion, and the experience Aha Oprah, Elizabeth and listening and watching the program as a result of watching all the Soul Series.

Elizabeth was the one who compiled exercises for "A New Earth Webinar," and can be accessed on Oprah's website.

Here are some examples of "The awakening exercises "Elizabeth together for world wide audience:

1) Take any work activity is usually just a means to an end and give it your fullest attention.

Select one or two activities you do routinely, (such as washing dishes, or walking from point A to point B), and bring your fullest attention to it.

2) Listen to the voice in your head. Ask yourself: Am I the thoughts going through my mind?

Or am I the one to be aware that these thoughts were going through my mind?

3) Be aware of your breathing. Feel the air flowing in and out of your body. Feel your inner energy field. All you have to deal with and cope with real life - as opposed to imaginary mind projections, is this moment.

Ask yourself what "problem now, not next year, tomorrow or five minutes from now."

Ask yourself: What's wrong with this moment?

In reality, the moment is perfect, but it is my thinking that makes less than beautiful.

4) Give up waiting as a state of mind. When you hear yourself slipping into waiting, snap out of it! Come to the present moment. Be just, and enjoy being. If you are present, there is not any need for you to wait for anything.

When someone says, "Sorry to keep you waiting," may You say, "That's all right. I was waiting, I am standing here enjoying myself."

And therefore, an exercise for each chapter of Tolle's book.

Elizabeth continues to Oprah's interview, by saying that all humans are nervous and shaky but we all think we are the only ones experiencing fear.

So much time wasted in trying to be perfect.

Elizabeth said, "The soul is the river of energy that animates us. If you follow the river of energy, it is almost impossible to be wrong. Flow can lead you to your own greatness if you follow it with an open mind. "

Elizabeth Oprah asked her what "Broken Open" experience.

Elizabeth mentioned His divorce was because of shame and fear he felt the surrounding experience. He felt like he lost his financial stability and learned that what you resist, persists.

He learned to stop fighting and judging experience, and in the process, learned to go through this, healing with wholeness.

He learned that the divorce itself is not the problem, but pointed the causes of lack of unity is what the damage to all involved.

The greatest gift you to give your children in any divorce is the co-parent cooperatively and really, she said.

Religion and the Law of Attraction (LOA) is the next topic.

Oprah said that when his time with a minister told the congregation that God is a jealous God, she had an instant awakening.

He Thought to myself, "I thought God Is Love."

Wait a minute, I thought Oprah. Are jealous God or God is Love?

And so he began the process of thinking for himself.

The LOA is a part of spiritual journey. Elizabeth said that LOA is the faith that whatever happens is meant for your growth in this (and all) lifetimes.

LOA are choosing a vibrational frequency that harmonizes with a higher frequency and vibration, as love, joy, transcendence and peace.

The last of the great freedom in how you choose to respond to the events in your life.

Every things leads to the next lesson in your evolution.

Universal energy is there for you to use to allow you to become a better person.

Set your goals, and show up perfectly. Pray to be used for a power over yourself.

Do not pray for things.

Elizabeth said that Jesus came to show us Christ not because He was a Revolutionary.

When we get stuck in the notion, we blinded to the prophets of our time.

Death, dying and grief is the next topic.

Elizabeth said that loneliness is a badge as to how much our beloved.

In our society, we get three days of bereavement (if that) and then back to work, full speed ahead, without time to fully be in grief and memories.

Oprah and Elizabeth discussed the custom of wearing black for an entire year, allowing the "Time" to move through the loss, alone and to sit on it.

This slowing down and sitting on disease frightens people. Many are driven to the doctor for a prescription for anti-depressants.

We can prepare ourselves for the Big death in our lives by fully participating in all the small losses in our lives.

An example of a small loss, according to Oprah and Elizabeth, had gone from being 20 or 30, when we were considered "babes."

Now we have considered all of the Wise "Babes" We commune!

The last subject is the aha moment people experience as a result of watching Soul Series.

Someone described a shift in his consciousness as he listened to Eckhart Tolle describes life in the present moment fully, experience without labeling or making assumptions about them.

My own personal experience AHA are listening and watching Jane Bolte Taylor discuss and describe his stroke. I also read his book, "A Stroke of Insight."

Stroke after I contemplated my own mother, and found great peace with the realization that my instincts about my mother's experience as he was having his stroke is right.

First of all, he appeared to be free for the first time in her life.

He appeared to be experiencing a spiritual transformation.

But all the people around me are saying or thinking, "How terrible that your mother had a stroke."

And I was with him when he died, and was touched With such a love for a period of several days, I felt no condemnation or dissatisfaction with anyone.

I was in a broadened, boundary-less size.

I was touched by a loving spirit, the strokes and finally death of my dear mother.

Secretly, I rejoiced at the great beauty and grace of the Universal Energy.

And I know that there is nothing to fear.

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