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Anime Cosplay
Anime Cosplay
How can I make a cosplay anime without spending much money?

In a few days, will have an anime convention BIG over here and I really want to dress like an anime girl (do not care who it is) but, I do not have all that much money. I was thinking maybe tenten but you can make additional suggestions! I have brown, curly hair (I can straighten it), tan skin and brown eyes. HELP ME, PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : (

Well, I do not suggest another character because I have no idea what the real look, so I'll just advise you on what I can with Tenten from the first series of Naruto (shippuuden =.=). not Get a nice pink shirt that opens like a vest. One with the thick fabric will be better. Cut the sleeves if there are any. If you can find one with a collar like his shirt, then good for you, if not, try the following. 1.) Wrap an oblong piece of cardboard with the same fabric you used for your shirt or something close (make sure it bends its way is a native) and sew it onto your shirt. You may want to use fabric glue if you are not confident about your sewing skills. Cardboard collar is just so I can stick up and not flop down, but if you can think of something better to use for that, be my guest. Make sure it is not too stiff or too flexible, but would You want the cardboard to be more flexible side. Get the cuts in the front right. 2.) Have changed shirt. As for the yellow thing to close its grant power, have no idea what you can use to make it look real and they are still cheap at the same time. But if your prop-making skills up to it, then use that only a few cardboard and paint them gold. Now, the last step for the shirt had to rap some red rope or material around shoulder area. Look at her picture for reference. The blue capris are easy enough. Get some blue capris. XD The shoes are the more difficult part. Either you buy them or you the meat of a pair of blue boots and cut the toe part. Or you can just get a pair of blue feet and work on some cardboard and blue cloth (more or less the same methods collar shirt) As for the small details, get some white gauze, bandages, tissue paper, toilet paper, the length of the paper, no matter what, and wrap it around your right thigh. Get a blue bag cellphone, or anything that looks close to their kunai thinggy kit, and using whatever resources you have (blue-dyed, Velcro, etc) strap it on top of your useless, white bandage thing. Get a small, tan pouch bag, too. Like they have on their butts. XD Make sure it looks like it is filled. It is up to you how to attach it now, if you want to really look in part, get some kunais or any other weapon you fake lying around (in fact, guns do not count XD). The easiest is to get a red rod and put a white bandage on the middle, or stick two gold orbs on each end. If you do not have a red rod, then you can do it. Get groups of rolls of toilet (inside the carton thing, sorry I do not know what they're called). They stick together to make a rod shape. Use the meter a stick to make it easier. Paint it as you like it. There is, of course, the age-old method of simply finding a cheap thing and having your costume made XD That's about it I guess. All you really need is on the forehead protecter, which is about the only thing you really need to buy from a hobby shop. Good luck with your con, oh fellow Cosplayer.

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