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anime dating sim games
anime dating sim games

Introduction to Renai Games

Renai game is a brave Japanese computer game focusing on romantic interactions with anime girls. This is a sub genre of Bishojo game. Renai is a Japanese abbreviation which means' romance ". Renai Not all but some games contain pornographic content. Bishojo game containing hardcore pornography is commonly called the other H game called Renai game. Terms dating sim and visual novel is often used as synonyms for Renai game in English. The term love or love sim adventure game define the game Renai more accurate, for casual use in English.


Dokyuesi have established conventions for Renai game in 1992. In Renai game, player controls male role surrounded by female characters. The game play involves starting the selection of artificial intelligence - girls controlled, attempting to increase their internal "love meter" through correct theme of dialogues. The same game takes for a fixed period of game time mentioned, like a month or three years. When the game ends, the player looses the game if he failed to win over any of the girls, or "downloads" one of the girls, either by having sex with him or achieving eternal love. It offers more replay value than games in other genres games, because the player can focus on a different girl each time, trying to get a different ending.

There are different types of variations for Renai game: high school romance is the most common, but a Renai game can also take place in a fantasy setting and involve challenges such as defending your girl from Monsters. Renai games, as their name suggests, generally trying for a romantic atmosphere.

Famous Renai game

The following are some particularly popular and influential Renai game. There were thousands of games Renai in life, but the game has been successfully list enough for an anime series based on it.

Memories Off series
Pia Carrot e koso yo (Welcome to Pia Carrot)
Sister Princess
To Heart
Tokimeki Memorial (Memorial Heartthrob)
True Love Story
Tsukihime (Moon Princess)

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