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DVD Rental vs Video Shop War

May fight happening in the world entertainment. With the new online rental service in making traditional services video store in a war that online players are winning.

How the online service of winning the war and how they really stack up against at your local video store?

Let's look at a few key battles:

DVD Rental Selection

If you are a casual renter just after the latest release, and after an extensive Online DVD rental option is not be a big deal. But if you're a big movie fan with access to large collection of online TV Shows, foreign films, independent films, anime and documentaries.

Established online DVD rental service, like Netflix and Blockbuster Online, offer right around 90,000 + DVD titles. I do not know about you, but last time I visited my local DVD rental store, the selection is nowhere near 60,000.

In terms of scope, in internet-based DVD rental company win hands down.

DVD Rental comfort

When the mood hits you and decide You have been a movie night, maybe you go through some version of the following:

First, there getting in your car, which may be more simpler than in the wintertime and then drive a few minutes at your local video store. On arrival, you find the New Release section and perform side-step the drag foot, scanning the shelves of the same movies you stared at the last visit. After moving from A to Z, you either make your selections, rescan, or start over a new section. And let's not forget the fun of maneuvering around other people and their noisy kids, the long line to check out and drive back home.

Online DVD rental service, your journey begins with the click of a button and the sound of your home computer. After signing in, you can search for film by title, actor or director or adjust by selecting genre, or even more, by subgenre.

Online you will find both new and old releases for thousands of movies at your local rental shop has never even seen. After selecting some of the winners and you'll know that the this after checking out comfortable winners online reviews you add them to your movie queue (which is a fancy word for holding patterns) and maybe drag the feet around your list of priorities movie. And like watching, no sweat, you have three movies waiting for your TV arrived 5 days ago. And keep in mind, this is all without going further than your computer or mailbox.

For convenience, DVD rental by mail order wins hands down.

DVD Rental Fees

The amount you pay for a movie rental will depend on where you rent. Some places charge a few bucks a piece but you need to return the movie by the next business day. Others charge more, but you keep the movies. One thing all of these rental stores have in common, you'll get charged more if you are late returning movies to the designated drop box.

Online DVD rental services usually charge a flat rate that gradually increases depending on how many DVDs you want to rent at a time. But not bound due dates and no late fees ever charged.

Why? The more quickly you watch and return movies, more movies they mail you back and get more value for your money.

So if your hot button is great selection, convenience or simply incredible value, the online DVD rental services make seating down to a good movie just much better.

Take a look around this site and you can also take months FREE movie rentals by taking the rental company up on their free trial offers ...


For spur the moment the decision or if you simply must have a particular title, then you can cast the line movie rental store. However, if you are more flexible your movie selection so that you can save a fortune in rental charges by renting from an internet-based movie rental club. In addition, you will benefit from a much wider range of titles and the added convenience of having it delivered directly to your door with no due dates and no late fees.

Rent dvd online rather than at your local video store. Try our best service editors choice below:

Online DVD Rental UK
Online DVD Rental USA

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