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anime figurine
anime figurine

Is There Magic in a Crystal Animal Figurine?

We are not talking about the partial hand of magician or the expertise of Merlin. We 're talking about the kind of magic that Disney creates - the magic that emerged from the enchantment. This kind of magic we wanted to believe in when we were kids.

When we watch Tinker Bell to fly across our TV screen leaving a trail of sparkling fairy dust, soon we transfer ourselves to magical zone of enchantment. That enchantment zone may be different for each of us. It may be one of joy, or happiness, or peace, or hope or a host of things you can name for yourself.

So where is the magic in a crystal figurine? I discovered the answer over ten years ago while free shopping My husband and mother-in-law in a local market. As we passed a beautiful gift shop, my mother-in-law, closely followed by my wife, made a bee-line straight for a glass display case just inside the entrance. They are there for the perfect moment, and then came out and said they had some more stuff to get. During my ladies continue shopping other stores, I rested on a bench outside the gift shop. I was amazed at how many people walked through the entrance, I saw the display case and walked in for a closer look.

Finally, I can not stand it any longer. I had to go to the shop to find out what is the big attraction that lured many people in glass cases. The case held somewhere between 20 and 30 beautiful and expertly crafted crystal and animals crystal figurines. With so many figurines in such a small place, the case is a glowing effect on the beam of light jumping in all different directions. I am at first stunned by this very powerful display and then settled in to admire the fine details of individual pieces.

Surprisingly, I found myself in a strange zone, only one I experience when I'm on a home improvement store looking for tools and imagining all the projects I could do them. Imagine a grown man standing in a glass display case, mesmerized by the beauty and workmanship of crystal figurines, thinking so want this one and that one would be a great gift for .... This is not a zone that most people are accustomed to experiencing. I was enchanted!

A few minutes later a girl came into the case looking good in every crystal beast while cooing softly to himself. After several minutes of oohhs and aahhs, said I, "Judging by the sounds you're making, you really want them."

Without looking up, he replied, "Oh yes, I love crystal animals, they're great collectibles. "curious, I then asked him what the attraction to them. He looked up, smiled and said," This is the sparkle to crystal, it was like magic. "I pondered that comment for the moment, not really understanding what he meant.

A few months later, I gave a friend of a crystal cat figurine. When he opened the crystal gifts he fell to the moment of enchantment. We all can see it in his face. She said when He opened the box she saw the glitter before he realized it was glass and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the figurine. That is his catchy moments.

I finally understood what the woman meant. With magic in a crystal animal figurine. Is the magical sparkle, like fairy dust, and the sparkle is in crystal.

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Lowry Mell is a retired Merchandiser and former Marketing and Business Consultant. For more information on crystal animal figurines, visit:

Anime Collection, January 7th, 2010

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