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The long and short of GIF and JPEG

The long and short of GIF and JPEG

The 2 types of files misused

Do you often feel confused what to use for your web images - GIFs or JPEGs? And more importantly why?

Great. You deserve kudos as confusion leads to understanding. Here's what you're looking for every way!

Essentially, these are the formats in which web images are created in any file with a. Jpeg o. Gif extension is recognized, through a browser, such as an image file.

A good web site is partly one has to load quickly in a browser. Agree? Well, for this to happen, your web page should be small in file size. The GIF and JPEG file format compresses images so that it is entitled to the web.

It is important for you do not mess around when it comes to decide what to use when. Here's what you need to know (a subtle reminder and congrats for the tech guys who know it)

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

 - Pronounced as "jiff" . Have you got to know it. - GIF is the first-ever image format created for use on the web. This suggests that all the browsers of all versions can read images in GIF format. - GIF transparency icorporate possible. This is important. Is not it? Especially so if you want your graphic to blend with your background. - GIF compresses an image using LZW compression . Confused? Simply put, this means that the quality of your images will not degrade when it is compressed. Inclusion in the image begins to crop up only when it comes to having more than 256 colors. - Good results can be had using GIF when there is a large area of flat color images. And when it uses more fewer colors. The fewer colors, the better. - GIF can be animated. All the animations, but the more advanced Flash movies, are GIF files. 

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

 - pronounced "jay-peg". Okay, as of now you know how both is pronounced. - JPEG is a lossy compression uses techniques. This means that you are, in fact, lose some data during compression. The more compression , you lose more quality. You are, therefore, has to strike a right balance between file size and image quality. - JPEG compression rate can also be controlled. The The higher the compression rate, the lower the size of the image. And as you guessed, eh? The lower the quality. - JPEG is better used for photographic images. More colors and subtle gradients of an image is, the better. - Browser takes a longer time to display JPEG. 

Demarcating features of JPEG and GIF

One of the worst mistakes (hopefully you will not do any longer) a web designer can make is to opt in the wrong format for a particular type of image. As a thumb rule, for images with few flat colors, choose GIF. Images with many colors and gradients, you can go for JPEG.

Simple enough. It is your turn to appreciate a couple of somewhat tricky tech understanding about JPEG and JIFFâ € |

Pertaining to JPEG, if the horizontal rows the pixels undergo change often without pattern, then a JPEG may allow for a smaller file even though it has some color only.

For designers if they can save a few kilobytes on each image, it can drastically improve the loading time of image-loaded pages intended for users with slow connection.

Also, although you can have animated GIFs, this is rarely a good idea in terms of design.

There are some Things you can do with GIFs that you can do with JPGs. The best way to get the smartest web images and graphics are up to you: your technology disposed to be selectively used only for show results. So get going to tech harness understanding!

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