Anime Harem

anime harem
anime harem
What is a good reverse harem anime with romance and hot looking guys?

Please list with very good character and good looking quality and not too old. I watched, wallflower (Very good, Kyouhei is extremely hot) Shugo Chara (Ikuto is amazingly hot) Special A (All group of guys in SA is so HOT!) vampire Knight (All the vampires are hot and gorgeous, especially Zero and Kaname.) Ouran High school (Tamaki)

it just came out this month in japan: Kaichō wa girl together! - Http: / / Hakuōki - other good ones:-http Hanasakeru Seishounen: / / http Saiunkoku-Monogatari: / / Neo Angelique Abyss-http: / / d'La Corda Oro-http: / / Earl and fairy-http: / / Skip Beat Fruits Basket-http: / / Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~ ~ Hachiyoushou Romeo x Juliet

Top 15 Harem Anime!!

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