Anime Horror

anime horror
anime horror

Killer Whale trainer killed Under Water Show! Spectators watched in Horror!

Oh, no! What a horrible accident! If this is not a gorilla invasion and exciting off the face of a woman in Connecticut or a sting ray darting its barbs at the heart of one of the most loved Australian hunter in history, expires whales taking the life of a young woman who devoted half her life as a trainer of world saturated fat. We people are so devoted to domesticated wild animals that we often become victims of the most horrific attacks by this, we sought to show love.

It is very difficult not to love animals, and We understand why some people are not, but that is another topic. Most of us, though, I love animals, if they are from wild or domesticated. However, we need to admit that they put us in very precarious position when we are too close to them, as trainers often. This is the main reason why trainers are usually the first to get attacked by a disturbed animal.

Wild animals are perceived as dangerous because they are not used to interacting human beings while domesticated wild animals are not perceived as such, but believes it is slowly starting to change as a result of recent tragedies in animals and mammals attack people, especially trainers. If the belief is not changed, then it should be.

We saw the mutilated faces of woman recently attacked by a pet ape in Connecticut. Now it is the saturated fat coach who lost his life at the mouth of a 17 foot catching fish. How We prevent this from happening in the future? This kind of thing never happens too often! Something needs to do!

It is sad to say that this species induced tragedy continues to happen! Why? It will continue to occur because people really enjoy the thrills of living dangerously. There are many people who relish the chance to go mingle with dangerous animals and mammals. It gets us to another point.

There must be a way to electronic sense when animals and zoos mammals under water or soil is disturbed zoos. Operators of zoos and submarine world should try their best to do a better job sensing danger. There should be some kind of safety mechanisms put in place to give trainers a chance to survive if there ever should be an attack.

For the sake of few dollars, no one should put him or herself at risk. There must be a barrier to protecting people from immediate trainers training grounds or animal show and mammals. It is understood that the spectators want to see people interacting with animals through physical means. However, it does not worth the risk.

Most would say that this is a one in a million chance that an attack occurred during a show. However, we have seen through the media far too often do attacks occur without reason. We must stop this from taking a chance when interacting with such animals and mammals.

Too many people are being fatally wounded by trained domesticated animals and wild mammals. It is now time to put a stop to all these tragedies before they happen again! People's lives are at stake here!

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Glenford S Robinson, BS, CLS, MT(ASCP), is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and staff writer for The American Chronicle, California Chronicle, Los Angeles Chronicle, World Sentinel, and affiliates, which are online magazines for national, international, state, and local news. He has received Expert Author recognition for both EzineArticles and GoArticles. Mr. Robinson is the founder, president, chief operating officer, editor-in-chief and staff writer for, a social networking website and news article site providing members and visitors with up-to-the-minute news, entertainment, and the opportunity to submit promo articles and blogs for free. He has done graduate studies leading to an MBA in Healthcare Management at the University of Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona. Please send correspondence to inbox.

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