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How close to the original anime TMOHS Light novel?

I was just wondering, out of curiosity, how true is "The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" anime in the original light novel, besides being shorter and not covering as much? Also, as a side question: does anyone know where can I buy the light novels in the United States, if possible? Have they been translated? And is available in normal bookstores?

I only read the first chapter of Haruhi light novels, so I'm not really sure how close the anime for manga. The light novels have been translated into English and you can buy them in rightstuf, I'm not sure which (if any) bookstores carry them. Only volume 1 of Little, Brown & Yen Press release is out now, volume 2 was released in October 31. - Volume 1 (Paperback) -T1Jizcdzq/browse/item/79893/4/0/0 (Hardback) http:// - Volume 2 (Paperback) http://www. (Hardback) / catalogmgr/dWsyAZl--T1Jizcdzq/browse/item/84111/4/0/0 As for fan translations, made-Tsuki is translated volumes 1 to chapter 3 of volume 9. Http: / /

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