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"The List"

So many animals are not enough homes. I come to work every day with new hope that the list is shorter. What list you ask? The list of euthanasia that .... I am an animal control officer for my city and it is doing the same job for 10 years. Many People call me a killer, others may be cold in my heart, others say they do not do my job. I tell them they were right. You need to have a big heart to do my work and understanding that some things just have to do. I love animals and that's why I was able to do my job for many years.
People do not understand why I work shelters like to do what they do. Everything happens for a reason and the reason for on euthanasia is very simple. Some owners do not care about their animals. They do not realize that letting your female dog has a litter is not calm them down, but adds to the killing list that we have to face every single day.
I write this for all animal control officers and offer personal their time and lives to animals. Please help shorten "The List" animals and spay and neuter you. Animals left behind in the shelter are not always adopted new home. If your animal is picked up and it was a fence jumper or attack other animals often do not re-adopted. Problem animals only go from home to home until they are hurt or hurt someone else.
Animals spayed or neutered to stay closer to home if they accidently get loose. A animals running at large is at risk of being struck by a car or cause a serious accident when a person tries to avoid animals street. Our city has a policy against running lrge cats as well. The public tends to get very upset when there is feces on their flower beds and scratches on their cars.
The key is the consideration for your animals and the public. An animal is a friend for life tend to choose a animals that live with you not the other way around. People who do not have the animals do not want to be bothered by animals separately, and much more clean their feces.
If you want to know more about the shelter I work for and read up on some tips on how to care for in your animals to check our my site.

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About the Author

I am a mom of two beautiful kids and love to write. I do things most people wouldn't do for a living. I love animals.

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