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anime mouse pad
anime mouse pad

Keen to Market for Consumer Photography

Unrest, and Edit Pictures Products

In this crazy time turmoil and change in the photography world, I think it is very important to keep an eye on, and maybe a finger, different markets. One market The Internet seems to be opened up to the individual Photographers, even on still, the market consists of consumers, people who want to buy photos as products.

I define as everything from fine art prints on anything with a picture printed on it such as coffee mugs, greeting cards the cards, mouse pads, calendars and so forth.

Dogs and

What I have found so far is not always an easy market to penetrate. My collection of "Animal mischief" images, pictures of cats, dogs and other animals in anthropomorphic poses and situations, I thought that the process is simple. Just put my images up to Café and rake in sales. Why is it that these things happen so rarely planned?

Cats, Dogs and coffee mugs

The first thing I misjudged how much work it is to put pictures up on sites like CafePress. A funny picture of a cat that works very well with a mouse pad undoubtedly will not fit well with a mug of coffee. A picture right size with a coffee mug is probably not going to fit very well in a journal. you get the picture.

Not only that, but you have All kinds of products that you have to decide if you want to include. Things like "Flip Minos" and dog bowls. Then you have things like T-shirts and sweatshirts that are not going to print the details carefully. Is it better to include every product could be you, or your choice to limit the products that the images really work well?

I decided that the latter is better, but that's what I really have done the former. I'm all kinds of products, mugs, T-shirts, funny golf shirts, and the like, that does not work particularly well with my image. I keep meaning to fix that ... but, well, you know .... Decisions, Decisions!

Key Words, Tagging
and Traffic

Then, if you go to all that trouble, you can find, I like, that after three or four months you had six visitors and no sales. Does that sound like fun or what! To encourage any kind of measurable traffic your front Cafepress Store requires a ton of key words, tags and promotion efforts. That does not mean it can not be done.

I was experiencing slow but steady growth in sales. Heck, just yesterday we sold four T-shirts and made $ 18.00. But it will take a huge investment in time and energy. It will pay for me? I think me and to continue ....

Time, effort and Photographic Success

To succeed in this market requires the existence of photography to suit the market, if it is a collection of beautiful landscapes, cute kittens, or breath-taking arrangements with flowers ... the images have to appeal to a broad group of consumers.

You need to put time and effort on all jobs SEO from uploading images ... It is up to you to bring customers in. That will not happen immediately. You need patience and perseverance. Photographic success takes ... time and effort that it can take a lot of time.

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Funny Animal Pics & Stock Photos: Blowing Dandelion Seeds

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Funny Picturess and Stock Photography: Picture of a young girl as an astronaut wearing a space suit

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