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The Signs in Astrology

The Signs


First sign in the Zodiac, Elements - Cardinal, modality - Fire, ruling

Planet - Mars, Type-extrovert. Aries, key sentence is "I or competitiveness",

As far as she can remember, he was the only one in the Universe, and the center of the world, the whole world should wheel and spinning around him.

Well this guy It is quite an egoist, but lets not forget that he has a lot of feelings, sentiments, and emotions, he was a real person and worms can be very generous, but the "me first" is his motto.

If you are meeting some one on the street or in some meetings, and he is smiling to you, shaking your hands until all of your body is shaking, adding a pat on your shoulder, while staring directly into your eyes, than my friends you should know you meet an Aries. this guy is full of confidence and independence, and above all a lot of leadership.

The Aries is one of the initiative and most traders in the quality of the zodiac, if he is settling down and making up his mind about a project will not stop him until he has fulfilled his will, He was closing his "radar" on target and as a pit bull hanging up to complete fulfillment, he is a very short "fuse" need he has his desire immediately.

Since then there listening between us, this guy is not doing much thinking, which means first She works and than she is thinking about his work, all its decision making proses is like a lightening, for better or worse for what man came out was.

Want to see an example, enter Joseph Jacobs (1890) fairy tale "jack and the Beanstalk" we have a good example. Jack does not do too much thinking, he went up, sharp castle the giant's, stealing his goose and ran away, Jack showed a lot of courage, a grate deal of enthusiasm but I'm uncertain if he is planing some work before his work.

Yes I forgot to mention because people have short "fuse" it is not recommended to get angry with him 'this guy can be severe angry, aggressive cruel and brutal,

Most of the reasons he should be the winner in any coast to be the replacement. Including her then tell her furriest out she was not a revengable and vindictive type (the title is We should live for some one else the zodiac)

Furthermore This is the ultimate adventurer, what about scaring hope this guy knows what he formation means fear, as I mentioned before this is a narrow-minded leaders a wise manager, excellent build-in officials in his genes.

Our guy is going his way and one has any to follow, He is fighting for his opinions and his facts, if the spectator does not believe that he was going straight, never mind as long as we feel he guy is AOK, he does not need nighter modesty of tactics. If you do not agree with him that your problems.

"I do not longer follow, I tasted command, and I can not give it up "Napoleon Bonaparte

Famous people born Aries

Charley Chaplin, Otto von Bismarck, Albert Einstein, the Pop Benedictus XVI, Marlon Brando, Vincent Van Gogh, Arturo Toscanini, Hans Christian Andersen. Osama Ben Laden. Nikita Chucove

Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.



The second sign in the zodiac. , Elements - Organize, modality-Earth. Iintroverted kind.

Ruling planet - Venus.

Taurus, key sentence "I" which means possessiveness and materialism in a way that does not know the meaning of satisfying.

But on the other hand, if you want to take a look at a kind of Taurus go Alan Alexander Milne story "Winnie the Pooh" Winnie lives by himself on a tree, tends to be a bit on the slow side, most of all Winnie has a love of honey.

But one of his characteristics is patience one is stability, quality is never in a hurry, and he has all his needs or whish.

When he looked at his "Radar" on a target or activity he would carry out its slowly but Shurly with a lot of patience.

This is a very slow and peaceful quality very careful in his doings a lot of tolerance and patience, almost never gets irritated or angry, he would seek to remain peaceful you better not bother to let him stay with him in peace.

But once you succussed to get angry with him to get him out of its stability, do yourself a favor and get lost, he ran over the 60 ton "Abrams" savages and ruthless, no way to stop him.

Late Linda Goodman described it as a kind of Cliff of Gibraltar with immune and resistant against weather and time constraints, no one will get him.

It is a very voluptuous type, the best therapy for her gardening, she is at its best collection of Real Estate objects, those topics are suppling him his peace of mind, we can find many artists and politicians Generales under this sign.

This type loves comfort and friendly, he will do almost anything to make her home looks like a million dollars to impress his gests, he will do anything to impress them and give them five star hospitality with the best of its food and drink, what she really likes is to sit in a circle to its gests and feed them with his knowledge and advice.

His weakness is food, and self-indulgent most of these types has many actions too much, and it is almost impossible for him to do something about his weight problem.

Another weakness or virtue is passion, beauty and harmony in aesthetics, it is Venus blame.

And all about the opposite sex, as much as possible, is the motto of life, just making life long party for himself and sensuality.

Last but not least this kind is very very naughty 'almost total resistance to change, but try to tell him his neighbor stubbedness, she wont admit it contains "good", This type only believe he is a very reasonable measure, mature people,

"Naughty like a mule! How do I?"

"A business that makes nothing but money is a difficult business.

  Henry Ford

Famous Taurus people borne

Niccolo Machiavelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Sigmund Freud, Adolf Hitler, Maximilien Robespierre, Tony Blair, Pierre Curie, Harry S. Truman, Karl Heinrich Marx,

Salvador Dali, Jay Leno,

Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.


Third sign in the zodiac. , Elements - Mutable, modality-Air. Type-extrovert.

Ruling planet - Mercury.

Gemini key sentence - "I think I ". Do you recall the Rabbit in" Alice's Adventures in Wonderland "this is the kind, he is always busy" I Finally, I was late '"is its motto, it always kind of run, all day, and he does not have a clue for what, or is he running, but he must be busy all the time so he gets nuts, this kind of pussy bored stand the situation, not to do is unacceptable, he must is to move all the time it can be fancy or physically.

type that is replacing the "masks" in the twinkling of an eye, as you was convinced he found some interest to you, showing you compassion, in a second he shows a lack of interest or not like.

Now his opinion on some things can be positive and the next day's negative, you do not have the cut idea how to grab him, schizophrenia? Completely, its internal "computer" is "running" so fast for us mortals it seems weird, good Mercury mortals that the "gods" messenger.

Gemini is the ultimate person sales, the best marketing director, very smart, quick perception, understanding of anything a second, but very very very shallow, knows a little of every thing, should be talking all the time, can express itself in a way marvels, the best speech of the building, a wonderful little talker.

The second thought he was in his best communication / media business, TV, Newspapers, public relations, with all his talents might come in use in the most ultimate way.

Did you notice that our broadcaster in an interview would not let their gest say more than two words that are too full, he should do all the talking, to give answers and to present his knowledge of the opinion, ooohhhh yes he can be a very good politician, he has all the relevant virtues.

And you my friend, is better alert, put all your attention when you are dealing with a Gemini otherwise he can spin, hold, and he went to get some sleep to give her some rest frayed nerves.

"I am so clever that sometimes not I understand a word of what I was saying.

Oscar Wilde

Famous Gemini People to narrow the mind

Arthur Conan Doyle, Marilyn Monroe, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Dean Martin, Ian Fleming, Henry Alfred Kissinger, James Paul McCartney, Igor Sikorsky,

Note: The description above is only a ideal type / original description.


Fourth sign in the zodiac. Element - Cardinal. Modality-Water. Type-introvert.

Ruling Planet - Moon.

Cancer key sentence "I feel". This type is only eager to wallow his feelings and self.

Go to transfer some dramatic story of love, look around you, crying? But of course Al "Cancers", they just enjoy it, go to the shore, if you see a kid siting in front of the waves and talking to the sea, it was a "cancer", If you want to hear "yes" to every wish you ask, take it as kind of a full month before the month.

For Good for example lets go to move "Mary Poppins" the perfect nurse, her mission in life is taking care, looking after the chalderns, He was a borne cancer.

The most important element in this type are with his family, there she finds her rescue from the ominous in the world, with close to fire areas, or under his blanket goose feathers she finds her peace of mind.

This kind can always sumasagi the memories of a collector, stamps, coins, napkins, old notebook memory from the class of 1955, you can find a stock picture of her kinder garden or love letters from his first love in high school.

Yes I forgot, they love to nurse you to take care of your mother, like a goose in his chicks,

"Eat eat it is healthy for you", you just hade a five portions of food, "do not forget to take your sweater "in the middle of July," change your socks you sick. If you go for four houers trip, pack this kind for you a suitcase, just in any case may need it.

Furthermore, as women cancer is closing in on you, you can not escape, he just grab you in all his love and tweens, you have hade it my friend.

When you and your "cancer" partner become parents, "Looks la vista" you can go to Kamchatka he did not now you are missing, he was her chicks.

Another good point to mention, If the type is not focusing on his feelings, than he is focusing on money and business matters, it is essential for its self - confidence, he will of, enough, not enough, there is always an inner voice digging, twice a day he takes a look at the stock market what is going on, "how We can go on vacation, the market is stable now un "," no, let's postpone it for next month ", has said that while siting on a first class restaurant with a face of a martyr eating caviar and drinking champagne, getting sanitation and wanness in front of the menu.



"Every picture is painted to feel a picture of the artist, not passengers."

Oscar Wilde

Cancer famous people borne

Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, Princes Dianna, Mark Shagal, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, Ringo Starr, King Henry VII, Jean-Jacques Rousseau?

Helen Adams Keller, Herbert Marshall McLuhan, Ernest Miller Hemingway, Tom Hanks, Guglielmo Marconi

Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.



Fifth sign in the zodiac. Element - Organize. Modality-Fire. Type-extrovert.

Ruling planet - Sun

Leo key sentence "I", just try to challenge him and you'll immediately understand why he is called the king of beasts.

Do you recall the "Queen of harts" to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland "this is the type, like a peacock, on second thought he would remind my king of Hans C. Andersen" The Emperor's New Clothes "both of them, arrogance, arrogant, just dare not follow.

Although Louis XIV of France, which is called the "Sun King" was boren under sigin Virgo, but he simbolize lion by her saying "I am the State".

Since then "Noble grateful" every thing is "King size" his car, his home, his party and diners. this kind should be in the middle of each object, events and things, you cannot miss him he was filled with showiness, all attention should be focused on him, and in return He was aware from his kindness that he knows and really good.

Leo is a narrow-minded leader perfect organizer. He commands and order his natives, and they should follow, but the clever underling let him believe whatever you want to believe, and he is doing what ever he likes.

A great deal of actors are borne Leo, because Leo needs the stage for his performance, he needs to place light directing him, for sa Leo it is necessary as air, he is always moving, and all of the time, he will start moving as soon as he sees his reflection in the mirror the docking while polishing his teeth.

Let me point out this type has a gold Hart, he will help each other and any one in need, doest he knows what "no" means.

Once you have the opportunity to have a conversation with four eyes, you suddenly realize that is kind of a very sharp man analyzer humanity, he was very keen himself, and his fellow man understands perfectly.

He looked at you from several positions in the top down on you, he will talk to you quiet well with a quiet smile and grace, giving you all the credit you may whish, namely "a young man will go, try to fool me, catch me if you can."

Do you want to please him, just flatter sa him, he knows that you are flattering, but he could not resist it, she enjoys every moment, he did not believe that, but he lets you think he did.

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with rain."

Dolly Parton

Leo famous people borne

Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini, Carl Gustav Jung ·, William Jefferson Clinton, Robert Mario De Niro, Fidel Castro, Madonna L. Ciccone Ritchie. Louis de Funes,

Barack Obama.



Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.








Sixth sign in the zodiac. Elements - Mutable. Modality - Earth. Types - introvert.

Ruling planet - Chiron.

In To get a clearer picture of this type lets go to the movies, and now allows to go and see the picture on "the rising Bounty" vice - admiral William Bligh was a British Royal Navy officer and a colonial administrator. He is best known as the "Captain Bligh" of "the rising Bounty" fame, mutiny ay against the command of his captain as "Captain Bligh was a harsh discipline, a man of temper flaring, seemingly mindless cut her words others. His affability, though, back as soon as his temper flared. "This movie was made several times, 1933 - starring Errol Flynn as Fletcher Christian, 1935, starring, Clark Gable as Fletcher Christian, Charles Laughton, as Capt 'Bligh 1962 - Starring Marlon Brando as Fletcher Christian, Trevor Howard, as Capt 'Bligh 1984 - Starring Mel Gibson, a Fletcher Christian, Anthony Hopkins, as Capt. Bligh'.

BTW: Capt 'Bligh will narrow the mind as a Virgo,

Virgo key sentence, "I Analyse" Take a look around you next party or social gathering, in case you find some one sitting alone in the corner of the room and watching people in the room, you meet a Virgo.

No, he was bored, He is very interesting every thing that is happening in the room and study it, after he was worth filing the information in his memory, who knows when This is useful for him.

And again at the movies. In the year 1996 Stephen King wrote a novel named "The green miles ". In the year 1999 the Frank Darabont directed film name, stars Tom Hanks picture, the figure that he will act and there is the ultimate creation Virgo, he gives us very nice clean image of a "bureaucrat" at its best, honest straight, dissent, and human.

This type do not like crowds, you'll find this kind in a library or laboratories, as an accountancy or some looking for any academic field, this kind is Mr. "investigations", Mr "inspection" always criticizing, can be a very good judge or jurisprudent and legalist, his biggest disadvantage is that he "can not see the forest for the trees".

This class is the ultimate bureaucrat, he invented the system, believe it or not, and he likes to serve, to serve society.

He is genetically "created" to be a bureaucrat, designed to be a civil servant, who became a civil servant above his ambitions. Cynicism? , Does not mean it, this kind of function at its best as he gives a service, he is a very reliable, responsible, reliable, rigorous and pedant people.

Furthermore it is usually a very modest shy man, he does not like any favor from any one, he is a very conservative approach to life, especially about money, money is a serous thing that should hold care.

This kind internalize his feelings, he lets you see what is happening to him, on the contrary he looks You as a mouse lab, as a surgeon to his patients, the operating table. He catalog you in a most efficient and effective way, you are such a thing for him, reliability, validity and accuracy is his motto in life.

He is Mr 'Swiss watches.

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.

Arthur Conan Doyle

Famous people borne Virgo

King Louis XIV, Tomás de Torquemada, François de La Rochefoucauld, Leonard Berenstien, Sophia Loren, William Bligh, Richard Henry Sellers,? Rocky Marciano

Johann Christian Bach, Hugh Grant, Agatha Christie, Tommy Lee Jones

Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.


Seventh sign in the zodiac. Element - Cardinal. Modality - Air. Type - extrovert.

Ruling planet - Venus. Pound key sentence "I harmonize"

This class must remain balanced al the time, whatever is true, as a matter of fact, he did not know yet it is a mission imposable, sometimes can not please everyone, you please pussy al the surround, If you are interesting, it really possible that you are hurting another.

Yes that "everyone likes Raymond" we are facing the ultimate diplomat, mediator, or broker, the perfect man as a peacemaker, a narrow-minded reconciler, tactics is his motto.

We can take a peek at one of this kind in the picture in "The Fortune Cookie "a 1966 Billy Wilder film staring the late Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau late, Matthau personify a conniving lawyer, the ultimate Libra.

The name of the game for this kind of relationship that all of its essence, its biggest need is to remain balanced, which means can not HARMONY.He stand the notion that some are not only his behavior, his activities

Did you notice the statue of the goddess of justice? Sitting weighing machine covering her hand, looking for the right balance.

That's the real problem is Libras to take stand, to get a resolution, to make decision, this kind is always hesitating, eating her finger nails and finally he says, "Good mates, do not ask me, I was not apart of this fight / Debate ", it was his way to get out of its dissonance.

Several times for a bystander it would be too difficult to decide during this class is lazy or too enthusiastic, this kind can work around the clock til job is done, and rather than taking a long time a king size ultimate vacation. You will not find him in the gym this type in large numbers, he is really rather lie under the umbrella in the pool with ice-cold lemonade / beer.

Good quality it prefer to make use of his mental abilities, wisdom and thinking, anyhow his mind works all the time, doing overtime, so why not getting payed for that, is not it.

We find this kind in the parliament or congress, the courts of law, we can find very sharp, intelligent and witty entrepreneur, we can find this kind the Academy and the Arts since beauty and aesthetics are ruled by Venus.

"Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to decide."

Napoleon Bonaparte

Famous people borne Libra

Mahatma Gandhi, contribution Marx, Vladimir Putin, John Lennon, Nana Mouskouri, Luciano Pavarotti, Margaret Thatcher, Roger Moore, Cliff Richard, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Miller, John Le Carré.

Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.



Eighth sign in the zodiac. Elements - Adjust. Modality - Water. Types - introvert.

Ruling planet - Pluto. Scorpio key sentence "I desire".

A good example for this kind we can find in the fairy tale "The beauty and the Beast "

A big scare frightening figure, and on the other hand a gentle and sensitive type character, a powerful magical figure, living in hiding, behind the wall to build around himself.

Well I must admit, I know very little about Scorpio, but on the other hand is that, each to think about the kind that is "top secret" every thing is confidence, if you're asking a Scorpio what he doing? He will respond to you, it is so secret that he does know him by himself, in other words, he does not shear his thoughts and activities.

The Scorpio is hiding every thing deep down in the cellars Pluto sa underworld, customers know what's going on in his mind because he Wearing a perfect "poker face".

This type is an extremist, is looking up at the world through white and black, gray areas are not familiar with him. He loves you or heats you, take my word for it is not "Buy" to yourself as a Scorpio enemy, it is not good, making sure he lived in his "bills" even if it takes 40 years.

On the other hand if he is your friend, than you bought yourself a friend for life, unless you are a stupid mistake like betrayal, but if you buy her trust, he will remain loyal friend for ever, and will give you aid the day or night, whatever, but it is not easy to "buy" his trust, good to get a job in the CIA have easier tests.

Scorpio lives in his world, he is the ultimate in self-awareness, he knew exactly and precisely her beauty and her virtues in his absence, and they are quite a few, he makes his guidelines for in itself and for its surrounding, matter of fact now buddy can really understand him, and on the other hand he is capable of "read" any one as an X-ray machine, he is the master of manipulation, the lord of the undirected approach, he will mold you as He likes.

Take a look on his face poker, for a moment you believe he is napping, do not make this mistake, his "radar" is working all the time, he was awake and pointed like a Japanese sword, within the clouds out lava storms, urges and desires, impulses temptations, but you see my friend Sphinxes only the face, completely controlled, in this buttal we do not know who won the Eagle or the Snake

It's kind of being ruled by Pluto can make many changes and transformations in his life, he has the power to change, to rebuild itself, and like the Sphinx sa out of the ashes as a newborn, as an entirely different person.

We can find him as a "tinker, Tailor, soldier, spy ", diving, as a miner, as a surgeon, perfect in the field of psychiatry, military police, private eyes, secret services, art, and all fields private.

"While we teach, we learn" studding should keep as there is something you do not know "



Famous people borne Scorpio

Kevin Kline, Georges Bizet, Pablo Picasso, Bob Hoskins, Capt.James Cook, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, Francis Bacon, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts,

King Hussein of Jordan, Erwin Rommel, Bernard Law Montgomery,



Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.







Ninth sign in the zodiac. Elements - Mutable. Modality-Fire. Type - extrovert.

Ruling planet - Jupiter. Sagittarius key sentence "I ask.

After a powerful rolling laugh of this type are slaps you your shoulder saying "OK on Thursday 10: 00", unfortunately he did not mention in the weeks and months, is meeting this happen.

While you are waiting for him on Thursday, he was dancing on the waves standing behind a wheel yacht, breathing air and the endless space of the ocean.

His greatest need is to feel non-hope, he needs to feel the ability to move when he wants, will he ever wants to be.

The ultimate adventurer, to the "action" al the time, he needs to feel the adrenalin in his veins continue, you will find him in a racing motorcycle, climbing the highest mountain in the world, skiing down Mont Blanc, or sixty feet under water, this is the ultimate Sagittarius.

I think of two examples, the first one is "Sinbad the Sailor" this figure from the Arabian nights Fay crosses the 1001, is the ultimate adventurer, and the second one is d'Artagnan, Alexandre Dumas "Three Musketeers" idealistic hero adventurer, who is fighting for truth, justice and freedom, both these types of Sagittarius.

Including aspects adventurer, this kind was born a philosopher, he is looking for the most abstract philosophy horizons, the refined and purest truth, he would climb on top of mathematics, physics, and philosophy rise, he will deal with the most complex humanitarian questions. Justice and truth is its motto.

This a very optimistic person loves people anywhere and anyone they are, its biggest loss and weakness is her tactless approach to people, he just says what she was thinking, he did not without any intention to harm or insult his fellowman, he was just whishing to teach things as they are and should, in his fellowman must know the truth and correct their mistakes.

"Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards.


Famous people borne Sagittarius

Mark Twain, Frank Sinatra, Sir Winston Churchill, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Walt Disney, Louis Armstrong, Sammy Davis Jnr, Nostradumus, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Benedictus `d 'Espinoza,

Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.



Tenth sign in the zodiac. Element - Cardinal. Modality - Earth. Types - introvert.

Ruling planet - Saturn. Capricorn key sentence "I use.

Consent is our kind of trade mark, he is looking to be among the consensus, and as close as possible to decision makers at the same time, his goal was the peak of the pyramid, in any organization he is in.

The Goat al his life climbing up the mountain, never stop until reaching the top, it is the target, what we kind of did not know that much harder to stay there, rather than climbing process.

Lets go to the movies, the same (Il conformista) is a novel by Albeto Moravia published in 1951 which details the life and desire for normalcy of a government official during Italy's fascist period. Bernardo Sa yeare 1970 bertolucci made a Phlm that name.

Marcello (the protagonist) spends the entire novel in a search for what he perceives to be a normal life - normal routine, a normal appearance, normal emotions, and more. However, he confuses normality with conformity, and his quest to conform, that subjugates its repressed feelings. When the natural course of his life will show him the ethical dilemmas - the assignment to betray Professor Quadri, her attraction to women other than his husband - he was ill-prepared to deal with them.The ultimate caprocorn

A conservative approach to life style is one of his chrematistic. each something about the religious ceremony and ritual, sacramental is her favorite, when he wont dare to make any changes about the subject, it is dipped, holy.

This is not a serious kind of gray, very ambitious, top, self-discipline, very persistence, approaching life very seriousness and precision, spontaneousness un is a familiar concept to him, his mind is efficiency, hardness, conserve and utilitarianism, the reason is his motto.

"What does that mean you buy a new pair of pants, I'm wearing them only five years what was wrong with them".

On the other hand, if he is invited to receive a certificate of eligibility which endowed and given to him by his union, hhhhaaa wait and see, she would buy the most expensive and luxurious suites, he ill show them that he is, let each burst.

You find this kind in the Union, you will find him a right way, on a daily basis, close to the boss, serving him, he would wash his car and go shopping for him, his ambition don t have any boundaries, he will do anything, anything to fulfill its target.

When he is sitting in the boss's chair, he forgot all those who were with him on the way up, they just vanished, he is related only to his level, but the course with his new boss. To his subordinates he was very pedant, needs honesty, integrity and discipline.

We are dealing with a good administrator, a great director, who understands the needs of an organization, knows how to keep the organization prospers and development, it gets kind of results its Bord of directors will demand, what else can we ask from him.

"Be nice on your way stepping up, because you meet them on your return back down "


Famous people borne Capricorn

Richard Milhous Nixon, Montesquieu, Mao Tse-Tung, Louis Pasteur, Rudyard Kipling, Sir Isaac Newton, J Edgar Hoover, Count Folke Bernadotte, Aristotl Onassis, Martin Luther King, Al Capone, Cary Grant. Gerald Durrell,


Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.






Eleventh sign in the zodiac. Elements - Adjust. Modality - Air. Type - extrovert.

Ruling planet - Uranus. Aquarius key sentence "I Know".


This kind of you neither argue or give his advice, he knows every thing on anything, he will listen to no one.

He has let his Doctor in the middle of his wife surgery even though his profession is plumbing, he will interfere with her lawyer advised her in the middle of a trill, though he was a cab driver. Lately I witnessed our kind of explains an old experienced captain how to handle a yacht at sea force 8, needless to say that this kind not even know direction of the sea and swimming is a complex subject for him.

Although he is extrovert type, he is a very lonely individual, he is "sailing in his course, observing society in some covering of cynicism, the ultimate in similar, nobody is allowed to interfere in his life 'he lives according to his vision and understanding of the world (his) realism.

This is quite a modest person, a true intellectual, the best creative minds from the tribe Aquarius, his working tools will remain in his mind even though he was a mechanic in some garage.

This type may be of interest in the wake of the Kangaroo in Australia or the well being of the Penguin on the pole, how well the kids of Kipsigies in Africa, what does the bald eagle in the Rocky Mountains, our class will participate in a

Congress holding hearings about the ozone in the atmosphere, but he wont ask her children if the support is, he's just forget it, repair the world and universal justice is its motto.

This class is so love world that he had no time or energy for those in his loves, we are facing a kind of cool he does not externalise his feelings, intimacy is a known for her incredible distance from his fellowman makes it difficult for him to relate to something close to an individual.

The son of god is watching the people, and not allow any one to get on the ground with his emotions, there for he does not know the true meaning of a personal relationship.

"Doctor Dolittle" is the creation of Hugh Lofting, Doctor Dolittle is a doctor who shuns human patients in favor of animals, with whom he can communicate in their native language. He later becomes a naturalist, using his ability to communicate with animals to better better understand the nature and history of the world. Go to the movies and see the ultimate Aquarian.

Another fascinating example for Aquarian is a legendary Sir Thomas More

1478-1537, also calld Saint Thomas More, T. More was an English lawyer, author, and statesman who in his life earned a reputation as a leading humanist, scholar, and occupied many public offices, including Lord Chancelor, More coined the word "Utopia", a name he gave to an ideal, imaginary island nation whose political system he described in the eponymous book.

In 1935, 400 year after his death, Pop Pius XI canonized St. Thomas More in the Roman Catholic Church, many have declared patron Saint of politicians and statesmen of Pop by John Paul II. In 1980, Sir Thomas More was added Chrch England's calendar of saints, certainly the ultimate Aquarian.

"In I think, therefore I am. "

René Descartes

Famous people narrow Aquarius mind

Lewis Carroll, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Felix Mendelssohn, Abraham Lincoln, George Frederick Handel, Charles Lindberg, Jules Verne, Galileo Galilei, Peers? Aj Kopernik, Thomas Alva Edison, Thomas More, Douglas MacArthur,


Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.







Twelves sign in the zodiac. Elements - Mutable. Modality - Water. Types - introvert.

Ruling planet - Neptune. Bit key sentence "I believe".

Yes, go to movies, and view pictures in "Peter Penn "JM Barrie creating the ultimate kid living in a fairy cross the world, children do not grow up, remaining un mature people, and preferring to stay un mature.

For the type name of the game is instantaneous our class thinks from his stomach, I can say that he is a real "astronaut" because in his mind he is not on our planet, in fact no buddy knows it is, including himself. He lives in the world formed by his imagination, he played any part of his imagination takes him on, he really believes it, even a Polygraph questionary wont know the truth.


Our quality is a very un-materialistic, he can not relate to the reality of his surroundings, he despises conventionalities all, he lives in some payapa't happy utopia, and we men can not understand the situation and he lives in logic.

He was in his best, making even What's just letting his imagination loose, the world of art is his escape, painting, poetry, literature, temporary, sculpture, music, you name it.

Other forms of this field is at its best, is the world's esoteric, mystical world, the best magicians, forecasters, and coffee Tarot readers, astrology, at any privacy field, he is the best.

OOHH yes he was relaxing near the water, it was the sea, like a poll, lake, pond, fishing, diving, sailing, whatever, the water gives him the inspiration needed.

"Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds. "

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Famous the borne human pieces

Monius I.Khoschen-Klein

href = "mailto: monius.ikk @ "> monius.ikk @

Edgar Kasey, Johann Sebastian Bach, Michelangelo in Lodovico Buonarroti, Frédéric François Chopin, Zeppo Marx, Victor Hugo, William Buffalo Bill Cody, Johnnie Cash, David Niven, Mickey Spillane, Albert Einstein, Antonio Vivaldi, Sir Michael Caine,


Note: The description above is only an ideal type / original description.


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NANA Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (32 x 31) Inches. [WP]-NANA-48 (L)

NANA Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (32 x 31) Inches. [WP]-NANA-48 (L)


Wall Scroll Poster...

NANA Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (16 x 23) Inches. [WP]-NANA-14

NANA Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (16 x 23) Inches. [WP]-NANA-14


Wall Scroll Poster...

NANA Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (32 x 22) Inches. [WP]-NANA-5 (L)

NANA Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (32 x 22) Inches. [WP]-NANA-5 (L)


Wall Scroll Poster...

Kikkerland Lightwood Fish Corkscrew

Kikkerland Lightwood Fish Corkscrew


Sommelier knife, waiter's friend or wine key in fun Fish shape. Arm extends to brace against the lip of the bottle for leverage when removing the cork. Features serrated foil cutter for removing foil wrapping. Also works great as a bottle opener for beer or soda....

got nana? - White 15oz Ceramic Coffee Mug Cup

got nana? - White 15oz Ceramic Coffee Mug Cup


This mug is insanely durable. It also holds a nice amount, 15 ounces, of that caffeine we all need to get through the day....

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