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Animal Watching: Best Time to walk or Visit

The majesty of a wild animals in their natural habitat is unmatched. Animal watching can be be a great way to catch a glimpse of the brilliance of nature. A recreational walk or a ride through scenic roadways afford one the opportunity to see many animals. It is important to understand when and where to see different animals to be ready when you strike a trip to wonderful places created. Forays into nature during late summer and early fall, August through October, are great times to catch some magnificent sites.

Moose: August-October

The moose is one of the great beasts that many people set out in the area. It can be seen throughout the Northern Hemisphere, especially in northern, coniferous forests. It was an awe-inspiring animal that can reach heights of 7 feet and weigh as much as £ 1500. easy it was spotted during a drive along undeveloped areas of highways or by scenic roadways. Can also be spotted on trips down the many waterways in New England. they want to munch in soft water plants and ferns and small trees along clearings and roadways. Late summer and early autumn, as the nights start to cool, is the best time to place the giant. Early morning and dusk are common times for moose are out and about.

Grizzly Bear: June-September

The grizzly bear is seen along the Western Mountain range, from Northern California to Alaska. Alaska and Western Canada has a higher population than the continental U.S. These bears often make their way to the coast for salmon and running can be seen along many streams and rivers. They can be seen from June to September fishing, lounging in the underbrush, or eating young shoots and berries. Some of Alaska's parks and sanctuaries afford the best chance of spotting one of these large brown bears.

Black Bear: May-September

The black bear has a much larger home, ranging from the Arctic Circle down to Mexico. It lives in forests and mountains, and like its counterpart brown bear, can be spotted from late spring to early autumn. Northern forests or the Appalachian mountain range make great areas in place of a black bear. It is active in the fall preparing for hibernation. It may often bear was spotted in a search patches Roe and along rivers. These are also often found around dump sites, or anywhere food can be left unattended for long periods. Black bear is spooked easily so observance from a distance is the best bet.

Bison / Buffalo: July-October

Bison, or bull, is an endangered species because of extreme hunting practices during the early to mid 19th century. Most of the bison are now found in Yellowstone National Park. They run free within the park and is visible throughout the area. Bison mate from July to early August and the calves are born in April or May. The young Bison can be seen in late spring and early summer. Bison can be seen throughout the summer and they are easy to spot in the prairies during the late summer and early autumn as they get ready for winter.

Important to be safe and give their distance when observing wildlife it. Many people are seriously injured or killed due to pushing too close. The animals tend to ignore watchers keep a distance and it provides the best opportunity to see them in their natural setting. Pack a lunch, put on hiking boots, or jump in the car, and head out to watch these magnificent creatures.

~ Ben Anton, 2008

About the Author

Ben Anton lives in Portland, OR and writes for DLK. We invite you to find out more about
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