Anime Personality Quizzes

anime personality quizzes
anime personality quizzes

How To Easily Make Or Take Online Quizzes

This is a brief summary that I made about this:

"QFeast"> qFeast 'title = s goal is the largest global database of general knowledge and fun quizzes. provides the possibility for users to create two types of quizzes, Public and Private:

Quizzes public are accessible to everyone - just select a category that best representing you optimize your geography, history, wildlife, world records and in no time at all users will see your test!

Private Quizzes are accessible based on the email invitation. Use this if you want to check out a close group of people like your students, employees or friends. The individual responses and feedback messages invited people to see private authors ask. Also invited people need not be registered users.

Bellow you can find some of the features you are qfeast

-Is there a very simple design, web 2.0, which allows to quickly create new quizzes

-Each quiz can have three types of questions, simple answers, multiple answers or text input

You can organize your quizzes

-You can specify a timer for your exam

-You can specify a passing score for you and ask also assign a point to each question

-It was ranked the most popular or newest quizzes quizzes

-Check at any moment what is happening now qfeast

-You can post comments on quizzes

You can rate quizzes

-Connect with your favorite social networks, like Facebook, Twitter

Graphic statistics, quizzes about you tons of information such as passing rates, visitor count

-You can view a history of your answers

Send feedback, in case you want a new feature added

-Send private messages to other users

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