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Quiz Maker - Easily Create Flash-Based Quizzes Online

you can conduct training by dimming the lights, running a presentation, , and hope that everyone is awake and, you know, learning. You can hand printed packets, and email documents to everybody, and hope that your staff takes time to read and absorb the things that you need them to learn to do their job.

Or, you can optimize them, with clear understanding that performance reviews are tied to their demonstrated knowledge of your products and services! If you threaten or shiny-happy about giving it, no arguing that with scores on an exam. There is no better way to implement the learning and improve performance!

Wondershare Quiz Maker is a robust Flash quiz maker for you. With this, you can create professional Flash-based quizzes, accompanied by images, sounds, hyperlinks, animations, and biography. The results are available immediately through FREE online reporting QMS system, or by email, and visual reports to help you identify areas of weakness.

As administrator pump, pump Wondershare Maker always gives you complete control over all aspects of your quizzes - set time limits, minimum score passing, shuffle question or answers, and restrictions on number of attempts quiz!

No limit on different types of questions you can think to Wondershare Quiz Maker! Your questions may not be true or false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, order, word banks, matching, click on the map, or essay form. There are even full support for mathematical symbols and equations, perfect for quizzing scientific, financial, and engineering groups!

You also can track the results of tests free online quiz Management System (QMS), it provides intelligent monitoring and reporting kits for quiz data for free. When a participant completes a Online Quiz, quiz results are sent to QMS automatically. you can detect a live, online demo QMS,

3 Steps to make a Flash quiz on Quiz Maker
Step 1: Create Quizzes
Step 2: Publish Online Quizzes
Step 3: Track the results with QMS (free)

Wondershare Quiz Maker lets you:
* Create Flash-based interactive quizzes to images, sound, animation, and voiceover story.
* Choose from a variety of styles including true or false questions, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, sequence, word banks, matching, click on the map, or short essay.
* Have pump automatically results Email address of your choice.
* See the results of performance as colorful charts and detailed reports.
* Share the quiz online and track Results for FREE
* Boost the training by testing for areas of weakness.

Who Needs Wondershare Quiz Maker?
do you know you ever:
* Had doubts as to whether your static presentation is effective in teaching your audience.
* Required a goal way of measuring knowledge and skill level of your staff with respect to your products and services.
* Wanted to create professional quizzes and assessments that may easily hosted online.

General, Wondershare Quiz Maker provides some very powerful features to create quizzes. The professional look and feel of the quizzes, the simplicity and ease of use, flexibility creating quizzes, customizing the message, the instructiveness it offers quizzes, flash animations that can be included, the variety of questions, ability to send results via e-mail, the ability to post results in a database, the various options to publish all Quiz Maker and create efficient programs to create quizzes. Best of all there is absolutely little to no education requirement to use the pump Maker. This software is a great bang for the buck.

About the Author

The author is a senior expert in eLearning who works at Wondershare E-Learning department. Wondershare Software is an industry-leading learning and training software application provider. You could get more eLearning tool for your teaching and training, such as PowerPoint to Flash Converter, Quiz Maker and so on.

Anime Opening Theme Quiz II

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