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Anime Soundtrack
Anime Soundtrack

What You Should Know About Your Production Before You Add a Music Soundtrack

Too often picking on the right track from a library of music is like hacking your way through the overgrown forest with no map and no sense of direction. This is a time-intensive, hit-or-miss process that requires listening to the multitudes of false choice.

After a while your brain gets numbness and everything blends together and sounds the same. To further complicate things, often you are looking for music right at the deadline of the project so there is pressure to find a fast track.

The fastest way to find the right soundtrack for your job is to first identify the underlying feeling - the emotional thrust - of your production.

Many projects creators just think about what style of music they like (ie rock, Techno). A better way to proceed is to look for music based on emotion of characters as you work.

Once you know your project emotional themes, you will cut an incredible amount of time from your search.

Purify DOWN TO ITS YOUR emotional Project Base

This is what film composers do. After meeting with directors to discuss the meaning of film and concepts, the composer immerses him / herself in the film and begins to investigate his feelings essence.You can do the same thing. Here are A simple exercise to test your own work.

• See yourself in each scene as a witness
what is happening
• Be emotionally open the event occurred.
• Freewrite your reactions. (Freewriting was writing in haste without any edits - you just want to get your ideas on paper in a way that you'll remember)
• After the production is over, bring your
freewriting and look for 1-5 keyword phrases that best describe the feeling (s) of what your experience.

This technique works just as well for a 15 second Flash animation as an hour-long documentary video. In each case you want to understand the emotion in the heart of your project so you can choose music that elevates your viewer's experience.

Here is an example of the process ...
Let's say you are giving a 2 hour talk on "Better Time Management" and you want some background music to use in your PowerPoint in the beginning, end, and during intermission.

do the exercise above and here is a sample of your freewriting ...
... Better time management = organization,
productivity, structure getting ... things done
a sense of being in control, - order - stress free
life, flow, mind you the water ...
To take your feelings from these keywords, see the benefits of features such as productivity and organization.

Benefit of productivity - not accomplishment
Getting things done that - fun, freedom, liberation

Benefit of Organization / Order - harmony and peace,, welfare

Now begin to search for music the library for listening to music that highlights the feelings of pleasure, freedom, providing a sense of peace, harmony, fulfillment.

Remember, you still not locked into any specific musical style, you're looking for music that is sufficient to communicate the emotional content of your work.

UniqueTracks site track web we arranged everything in our library by its corresponding emotional keywords. If you need a track to underscore the feeling of "satisfaction" or "peace", all you have to do is click a link and you are presented with a list of all tracks in our library that match the emotions.

Once you know the feeling you are looking for,
finding the right track becomes much easier for the process of drilling through down to the emotional core of your work you are filtered out almost all the choices of music that does not apply. You have narrowed your search, made a map, and a way to avoid getting lost in the forest production of music.

About the Author

John Bickerton is the Creative Director for, a royalty free music provider offering classical, background and production music, royalty free.

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