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WordPress Video Tutorial: Why You Need a WordPress Tutorial

WordPress tutorial teach you how to use the WordPress blogging, but by far the best way to learn is through a WordPress video tutorial. Why WordPress video and why? Let's take the last question first.

Why WordPress

Most people use either Blogger or WordPress for their blog, and there appears to be an ongoing debate which is best. I prefer to design my own blog using Drupal, but that is irrelevant to the topic. With repect to Blogger and WordPress debate, there is only one answer for the serious blogger.

WordPress. That is now being derogatory way Blogger - just the facts: run from the hosting site in Google's cone as Blogspot, Blogger is a blogging system easy to use, and being easy, it is very litle chance for customization, however Googe users can use Google's toobar to add post or online content on their blogs clickof of a button. However, WordPress wins hands down when we consider the serious looking boggers more detailed customization.

Of course, you can ftp Blogger to your website and run it from there, but if you do the same in WordPress you have a infinitely larger number of possibilities that Blogger does not begin to compete against.

WordPress Video Tutorials

If you want to run WordPress form on your website you have to do it right, and it takes some knowledge of how your web space and also works your online database. However, The study is well worth it, and wordpress video tutorials online that can help you make it easy. There is a lot involved, but all you need to do is copy what you see in the videos and you'll get the same result as the video is.

Not only that, but to make best use of these, you have to learn the benefits of using plugins, widgets and themes and how to use them to your advantage. These are what make your blog what it is: add Adsense bocks, a calendar or a blogroll - or all three. If you understand how to do it, you can change the entire look and functionlaity your blog.

WordPress Templates and Themes

WordPress templates are what give your blog online appearance. Your theme is chosen according to style or color. Example can a space-oriented styles, woods, nature, medical, etc. The themes and templates contain graphics that may represent any topic of your blog is based on. The environmental theme, for example, may be based on the icebergs melt, or pets in a theme that displays any animal you want to choose. There are thousands wordpress templates available online, both free and paid.

WordPress Plugins and Widgets

Plugins are small applications or code to implement some actions. For example, there are plugins to optimize your posts for Google, amd also get one that sends a tweet to Twitter when you make a new post. It is shrinking the tweet with a link to TinyURL. You can download a plugin to your blog that will allow you to add a calendar in any format you desire.

A widget is a small icon that activates the plugins when clicked on. If you use a good Worpress tutorial, everything is explained, but Your doubly lucky to have a wordpress video tutorial, then you can see what has been done and follow it exactly to your own blog and make it work as it should.

There is now doubt in my view that Blogger is low on WordPress as a blogging system, as long as you run WordPress from your own website, and you also need a WordPress tutorial, preferably a WordPress video tutorial, to ensure it is installed correctly and that you understand how Your blog can be modified and customized to what you want it to look.

Good Luck!

About the Author

If you really want a great-looking blog, check out Pete's WordPress video tutorial course at WordPress Tutorial and learn how to design fabulous bogs that will make your friends jealous.

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