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Zero Point Energy Products Amega a € "What Are They And Do They Work?

In February 2010, some people in the UK got wind of some quite remarkable energy tools in the UK that is made by a company called Amega, their Head Office in Singapore.

These Zero Point Energy products are certainly causes a bit of a stir, and if the introduction of products Amega us is anything to go by, a similar demand for their product is going to lead to the UK, when they officially launch it.

One of the main products are Amwand, a device that looks like a fountain pen. But it consists of high grade stainless steel, a mixture of granulated minerals and created by technology AMized called Fusion ®, a proprietary technology developed solely by Amega Global Research & Development Team, consisting of a group of scientists, doctors and physicists over a period of 25 years within the principles of the quantum physics and quantum Mechanics. This process infuses the crystal Energy. Zero Point energy is also sometimes referred to as Universal Life Force, or Chi or Prana in the East.

So what is zero point energy?

Well it is certainly something that scientists and quantum physicist is talking about more and more. Einstein discovered in 1917 as a field where he thought of as a invalidate a € "an empty reach if you look at anything under a miscroscope until you can not drill down to any further. But now, across physicist would say it is not an empty space, but rather a reservoir of Source energy, where everything is came from the original. The Amwand works by reminding cell body of this Source energy and in this process as the body heals itself. Zero Point Energy is said to be access and used to balance the flow of energy in the body and bring all aspects (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) into harmony. Zero point energy reminds the cells within the body where the cells originated from and promotes self healing that so many people are experiencing. It works on the immunity and nervous system as well.

Now, whether or not you believe it is scientifically sound or likely to be something for each person to decide. What difficult not to believe the testimonials that people are giving the results they are experiencing Amwand and other similar products, for example AmPendant (a beautiful piece jewelry by the way), AmFood, magnetic bracelets and more.

Testimonials include people who have had their pain melt away after using wand, for conditions such as gout, sore throat, migraines, chronic cramps in legs, growths in the body disappear, teeth and gums swelling and pain (wand and brine used) healed shoulder issues, hip problems disappeared, dogs with epilepsy - seizures much lower and shorter, swollen and infected foot made well, type 2 diabetes and associated foot numbness disappeared. This is all quite wonderful.

Real Amega are very careful to emphasize that wand will not cure or treat any condition, it is only a catalyst that triggers the body own healing.

Many benefits are expressed regarding Amwand, including: ease of use, durability (no battery or power requirements), water-proof, energizes the body, food, water, drinks, plants, animals, removes the distortions in your bio energetic fields, engenders feeling of greater strength, neutralizes harmful elements from the liquid we drink, the air we breath and the food we eat, energizes skin care and bodycare products such as creams, moisturizers, oilsâ € | etc.. for better absorption in the body, stimulates body functions and strengthens immunity ... The the list goes on.

In the end you can only decide for yourself as to whether these products are worth trying because we do not deal in bricks and mortar kind of scientific tangibles, but alternative and intangible healing tools, even now zero point energy becomes scientifically proven.

About the Author

To find out more about zero point energy products, visit, where you can also find out more about the Business Opportunity. I am Spiritual Counsellor and Soul Contract Reader and have found these the Amwand and Ampendant to be pretty remarkable.

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