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Promotional tote bags Help Retailers Go Green

From conserving water to recycling paper and plastic, earth lovers are doing their part to keep the green planet.

Many retailers have responded in kind, to identify the businesses can use their influence to help people inspire care for the earth. A way that different retailers have adopted is creating a "green " target = "_blank" title = "promotional tote bags"> promotional tote bags. Retailers are encouraging customers to use and reuse shopping bags instead of filling up landfills with plastic bags.

Creating customized promotional tote bags accomplishes two goals:

1) Reduces the need for plastic shopping bags, plastic shopping bag has become an epidemic in much of North America landfills s ', prompting some communities and municipalities to ban them from landfills altogether. They take up space, even a small space. The main problem lies, though, over their inability to break down. Many Plastic shopping bags can not be recycled. When they are sent to landfill, they add methane gas emissions, a major contributor to global warming. Establishments (grocery stores, clothing retailers and manufactures, etc.) is the world 's leading purveyors of plastic shopping bags. By offering a reusable alternative to plastic shopping bag, helps retailers to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags are sent to landfills, perhaps by as much as 50 percent.

2) creates an efficient vehicle for advertising and promotions, promotional items such as the tote bag is a very inexpensive way to advertise a business, especially when compared to other forms of advertising (billboards, radio / TV ads, newspaper ads, etc) There are many promotional tote bags can be purchased and screened with a business logo for less than two dollars per bag. Retailers can then choose to offer shopping bags for sale to customers at a small fee, or use them as a means for raising funds for a cause or charity. Everyone benefits: customer, the store, and in case of a charity fundraiser.

A number of great, earth-friendly options are available when it comes to promoting tote bags. Some of these include:

* Canvas: Canvas is one of the most versatile materials in soil. It 's made from cotton, and the method used for weaving canvas results in a fabric with a high ratio of strength-to-weight. Canvas is a particularly wise choice for grocery bags. The A canvas bag is tough enough to be filled to the brim with groceries without breaking or tearing. It 's easy care too: promotional canvas tote bag is washable the machine.

* Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is flexible as well as strong. Nylon holds dye well, which could be an important consideration If you plan to have your business logo screened onto your promotional tote bag. Such as canvas, nylon also has an excellent ratio of strength-to-weight. It 's extremely resilient, making it perfect for bags meant to carry large items such as books. When the bag is emptied, it springs back easily to its original shape.

* Cotton: This natural fiber is one of the least expensive materials to create promotional tote bags from. This makes cotton shopping bags affordable though for small shops. Cotton is easy care and machine-washable. Cotton shopping bags are perfect for lighter-weight items such as work or dress.

Many retailers both large and small estimates by providing reusable shopping bags as alternatives to plastic for their customers they 've kept hundreds and even thousands of plastic bags out of local landfills. The retailers are leading the way in the industry and proving that businesses can set a public example of environmental care without jeopardizing revenue.

About the Author

Jenny Schweyer is a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest.



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