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25 Things About Me: Vegeta

We continue our "25 Things About Me" series, which we publish (and imagine) the social life of our favorite video game characters! Gamiverse spanning the area, we bring you the characters and their list of 25 things about themselves, (Of course) written from their point of view! Do not be too surprised to find a list filled with interesting facts about them, as well as blanks we have over to our (corrupt) imagination. Our character is Vegeta 10, a popular character from the Dragon Ball anime series, as well as games based on anime, Namco Bandai's Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.

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1. I am the prince of all Saiyans! The Prince! * Ahem *

2. Why I named Vegeta? For the Saiyans named Akira then vegetables, and I got "Vegeta" ble.

3. My least favorite person ever? Nappa.

4. Although most fans disagree, I won that fight against Kakarot. Just because he called time and gave me bean Senzu first does not mean that I am on time!

5. Believe it or not, I actually own a pink shirt. Watch when Freeza and King Cold land on Earth.

6. My least favorite thing ever invented? Yaoi. I do not even allow anyone to see me kiss Bulma, so why the hell should people take pictures of people kissing me!

7. I really hate when me and Kakarot fuse. It makes such a strong fighter and I can not even fight him!

8. Cell ever tricked me. say him win.

9. Yes, I grew a mustache for Dragon Ball GT. Just leave it alone, I'm sorry enough as it is.

10. Who I admire the most? Me.

11. To be honest, I really enjoyed DBZ abridged series. Lanipator is a very good impression of me.

12. Why can I not get along with Freeza? He always left his clothes all over. It is a miracle that no one ever tripped over them.

13. What does a taste Senzu you bean? Do not ask.

14. Sometimes I still miss my scouter. This is the video recorded on it too.

15. How many people have done a parody of my most famous sights? Over the nine-THOOUUUUUSAAAAAAAAAAAND !!!!!!

16. The only thing I found out about good Dragonball: Evolution is that I am not one of those embarrassed by it.

17. Why did I name my son shorts? Akira Toriyama blame.

18. One of the characters that impressed me most is Kakarot. Those guys are always getting stronger, and unfortunately, always a step ahead of me.

19. The original name of Galic Gun is actually the Garlic Gun. Again, Akira Toriyama.

20. My least favorite time in life when Baby possessed me; None I have memories of how bad I crushed Kakarot!

21. The Final Flash is one of my favorite attack of all time. Too bad I could have used it a little more often.

22. I do not know why Kamehameha Wave? Because I figured that having half the cast know it's more than enough.

23. I seemed to breath in space, though Kakarot can not. Remember the bug planet?

24. Kakarot is right about one thing he ever said: My wife is a lot better looking than her.

25. I tried in vain to bring the Saiyan armor back in style. Then I realized that one but I can pull it off.

Written by The Liztress and Charislash

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