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bleach anime swords
bleach anime swords

Naruto or Bleach, Which One is Better and Why?

The great Greek and Roman philosophers loved to debate back then, and the internet junkies love to debate now. Itâ € ™ s someone an impulse € "the debate. Œitâ say a € € ™ sa matter of opinionâ doesnâ € € ™ t help because there is always someone to be humble € ™ s right and a humble person € ™ s wrong. People can debate for the silliest things and for years and years, the debate could drag on without having a clear winner. But thatâ € ™ s just the way things is. And you can'tt € ™ deny it, debates are really fun and we all love it.

The beginning of the new millennium signaled the beginning of two of the greatest shounen anime series for
Dragon Ball Z a € "Naruto and Bleach. The same anime series has accumulated millions of fans worldwide and, as expected, the fans, saying that both anime series are good and both worth watching just is not enough. They have to know which is better.

So, Rreally, Which is Better a € "Naruto or Bleach?

Naruto and Bleach has similar main characters. Theyâ € ™ re about young men are both special, both fairly dense but kind and gutsy, both insanely strong and can go against strongest enemies, and both have a tendency to talk trash but still to give inspiring speeches. But while the main characters are similar, the plots are different. While Naruto is about ninjas, Bleach is more like an anime version of Ghost Busters. Both have their own appeal to the fans. And really, itâ € ™ sa matter of opinion whether the fan likes ninjas or anything related to the afterlife better.

Similarities and Differences

The implementation of seriesâ € ™ storylines are also differs. Naruto spend more time developing its story and its characters than Bleach does. And while the flashbacks in Naruto can get a bit dragging for some people, especially those who watch for the fight scenes alone, do they leave us with more three dimensional characters and a more detailed storyline. When these things happen, you know why they do because Thereâ € ™ in the background. The continuation of the story is logical. Bleach, on the other hand, is a major hub of plot twists, although interesting, really only good for shock factor.

Humor-wise, the same is great. The same may have you clutching your stomach and rolling on the floor with crazy laugh. However, Narutoâ € ™ s sometimes slapstick humor is somewhat unique in Bleachâ € ™ s more subtle and natural wit. But then, you need to consider the characters in Naruto are mostly children and the younger characters on Bleach (Irrespective Shippuden).

The fight scenes in Naruto are way more interesting because it dabbles more on strategy rather than just simple clashing of forces. However, since Thereâ € ™ s much strategy involved in Narutoâ € ™ s fight scenes, you also get to hear a lot long and tortuous explanation between fights and this is something that some fans in for action to dislike. Bleachâ € ™ s fight scene also great and action-packed but rather repetitive.

An edge that Bleach has more than Naruto is that her character get a change of clothes each now and then. In Naruto, we see the same costume and every day. Itâ € ™ s as if the characters have closets full of the same clothes.

But overall, Iâ € ™ d say that Naruto won over Bleach because Naruto is more emotionally engaging. The Naruto episodes can evoke so much emotion you youâ € ™ LL characters cry, laugh with them, and even go so much as true love or really hate some of the characters. Bleach sort something similar storyline in the beginning but began to deteriorate and you start to lose touch with connecting to the characters. By even Naruto Naruto Shippuden you still be a € € ~ feelâ ™, connect and understand the position for the character, and for me, thatâ € ™ s what makes a good anime. Not to mention that storyline are placed by better each episode as you watch Naruto !

About the Author

Henry Hsieh has multiple interests and he enjoys talking about them. As a fan of anime, he likes watching Naruto and listen to Naruto MP3 at the best Naruto site with the newest Naruto Episodes out first.

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