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What is the significance of Blond hair and Why it is so desirable mainly the World?

Myth and History
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When talking about the blond hair, some questions rise to mind. What is the reason for the wide admiration for the blond hair? Why are the "men prefer blonds "Why dark haired women from the Mediterranean area to continue to bleach their hair, and why people of African origin of the dye Their black hair yellow?

The answer to this question is in the remote past, but it's not terribly complicated, it lies in the general worship gold. Gold is the symbol of the day and marks the main features provided in the sun as a god, power, strength, and endurance. But the symbolism of gold not only physical but also spiritual. Like the sun, where it stands for, gold shines by itself to a continuous light, which does not darken and does not tarnish. This trait is considered to be not only physical but also spiritual, referring to it as having the qualities of purity, wisdom, dignity, respect, divinity, enlightenment, and eternity.

It is quite clear that no place on earth where Li is not worse in one way or another. The Bible expresses character and significance of the day in some areas. The prophet Malachi says, "the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings ..." (Ch. 4, 2), and the song has been said, "For the Lord God is a Li and a shield ..." (ch. 84, 12). A common phrase in modern Hebrew says, "As clear as day", expressing the fact that Li's conduct in the light of day and have nothing to hide. The Scandinavian Sun god Balder is called "The Eye of the" Sky, and when he was killed by Hodder, god of darkness and hell, a long dark winter period is created, when there is growing until Li was born again. Father Christmas, the residential areas are the North Pole, represents the small Li at this festival, as can be seen by its red dress (his white beard symbolizes the snow, rather than old). In ancient Egypt, sun is highly developed, and either the Phoenicians or the Vikings could who brought it to America (s. below).


But what is it all to do with the golden hair? Many people believe the hair is considered to hold a person's physical and spiritual power. Bible Samson (Shimshon in Hebrew, whose name is connected to the day - Shemesh), called "the Heroes ", lost its great power when his head was shaved his wonderful hair, just when it started to grow back, he was able to destroy an entire temple with its pillars felling his bare hands. The combination of golden hair, then, represents the divine superiority, power and control.

The tints of gold may change fairest blond hair from the darkest red, and even the visible difference between them, they all symbols of the connection Li as a supreme god, and spiritual qualities attached to it. That is why, even in cultures where the black and brown hair is considered well, the lighter colors are thought to express the special features. The Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl - the initiator of the Kon Tiki and Ra's trip, from South America sa Polynesia and from North Africa to America - is mentioned a myth, said among the native American black hair, saying that the most prominent American culture (Maya, Inca and Aztec) was created by white-skinned, bearded man, these people, they say, comes from an unknown place and lost in the Pacific ocean, where they reappeared in the shape of giant red hair sculptures AKu AKu culture of Polynesia.

It is quite possible that the white, bearded men are descendents the Vikings, who came to America in the 8 to 10 centuries, but they may be sea-faring Phoenicians, who arrived in America a long time earlier from North Africa, bringing them a part of ancient Egyptian culture - such as pyramids, for example. Red hair guy is fairly common in people of Mediterranean basin, which is a highly mixed race, two of the most prominent mentions of this Bible is King David, and Esau the Edomite - Adom means "red" in Hebrew.

Originally, all people, having developed in Africa, must have dark skin and hair, which can be seen in our closest relative, the chimpanzee, and as can be expected from in hot spot conditions, the dark pigmentation works as a protection against heat. Only when people homo sapiens left Africa and arrived in Northern Europe, can they afford to forgo the protection against heat, conserving energy is needed for producing dark pigmentation, and developed means of protection against the cold in the form of body hair, tall and bony physique, under heavy fur clothing. Scandinavia is the only place on earth where fair skin and hair ever developed.

Such fair skin and hair are probably formed from a albino mutation, which is well known among the dark tribes of Africa; but while in Africa it is a disadvantage, in Scandinavia it has its merits and spread through the population, with straight hair and thick beard. The first agreement Northern Europe is said to have taken place toward the end of the last ice age, when the ice begins to recede, around 12,000 before the present, at that time, the settlers were somewhat isolated from the rest of the continent, thus generating a pure blond, hardy breed. With the melting of ice this year started moving, looking for more territory in the diet can provide it. This may be true that their body and mind strong, harsh conditions used in the North, made them more stronger than other races and fit them to succeed in any conflict between the tribes. Such clashes, either through violence (rape) or by mutual consent, lead to mixing and assimilation of the races, thus creating all sorts of shades of hair out throughout the European population, fair, gold, carrots, bronze and chestnut, the result of mixing blond with black and brown.


Following Sun worship, many gods and heroes that represent them are considered in many places around the world as a blond, or golden hair, and Li stands for fertility, so also the number symbolizing Love as a mark of fertility. This is how Robert Graves presents the White Goddess in charge of fertility among the rest, in his book by name that: "The Goddess is a lovely, slender woman with a hooked nose, deathly pale face, lips red as rowan-berries, startlingly blue eyes and long hair just ... "(P. 24). Description is very close to the look of a Viking woman, although Graves repairs to her the origin of the Mediterranean basin, black hair among the population. Love goddess Aphrodite is said to have climbed out of the sea in Cyprus, and as many original paintings from ancient Greece, he must have dark hair - as he is in fact often presented, Botticelli, however, painted his famous picture of him with gold hair.

Both Aphrodite is the Celtic figure of "Niamah the Golden Hair", whose name means "Sun Tear"; his divine personality stated in the story telling how he led the hero Oisin his horse to death post of "Island of Happiness". The dark or chestnut hair Celts also had a Li god named Lugh, who was described as having golden hair gleamed in the sunlight. Like him, in a 14th cent. French Goblin, the figure of Welsh King Arthur appears with golden hair, though the Welsh are usually dark hair, the whole picture is infused with gold environment is Sun Arthur originally known as a military leader from the 5-6th cent. And the king medieval ambiance takes him completely out of its original tribal property, putting him instead a connection of gold royal sacred environment, the Arthurian myths connect him to the dying and reviving Sun god, and even the figure of Jesus as symbolizing the Li It is well known that Jesus was continued by Christian artists painted with golden hair, dull in contrast to its Mediterranean origin.

The Li god can, then, either male or female, in the Semitic myths there is both the Babylonian god Shamash and the Canaanite goddess Shamash or Shapash. A story of God Amerindian Li told the about a Mexican goddess named Chalchuialico, who was 1 / 4 Sun Goddess to rule after the three before him had vanished, but before he became a Li she is a goddess Water goddess sa dressed green, copper hair. For hundreds of years that the Li goddess giving light and heat, while the women and men are out on the ground. But other gods envied him, and God of Darkness (reminiscent of Scandinavian Hodder), bothered him until he shed tears on the ground and everything vanished into the darkness. In the end, the gods decided to make 1 / 5 Li, and for this purpose they have to make a sacrifice, which will bring into being in the sun and the moon. The sacrifice that day was to be little fairy Nanna (again, reminiscent of an old world connected to the Nordic god Balder). While the gods were burning their sacrifice, an eagle (one of the most prominent symbol of the sun) took his body from the fire in the shape of a ball of fire, fixed it in the air as he was busy with her golden hair.

Many numbers appear in golden hair folk tales, which have developed from ancient myths, one such woman is legendary Isolde, Tristan's lover, famous not only from medieval poetry and a novel by the 19th cent. French author Joseph Bedier, but also from Wagner's Opera. The legend tells when Mark, the king of Cornwall, golden hair Isolde saw the nest of a bird's, he declared that he had just married the owner's hair. When it was found that The hair belonged to Isolde, the Irish princess of the king, Tristan was sent to bring him to Mark, and the way they fell hopelessly in love. Isolde is a typical Love Goddess for whom the hero must die at the end.

It is also possible to find the blond heroines sa Grimm Brothers' fairy tales. One of the heroines was Rapunzel, who is is said to have "beautiful long hair, fine as spun gold", another is the Goose Girl, the waving locks "are all of pure silver. Folk tales also developed in modern fiction, and another holy woman with golden hair Irene, heroine of Galsworthy's The Forsyte Saga. He was described by by the author as looking like a pagan goddess, the figure which expresses the Goddess of Love.

From literature in real life, the next kind of Love Goddess is located in the middle of the goddesses of our times, film stars. Some of them are known to have dyed their hair blond, to enhance the concept to them, and one such modern love goddess is Madonna, who is not even good, but distinguished by his blond hair. A better claim for the title, though, is Marilyn Monroe, who became famous for his film Men Prefer Blonds. Monroe certainly does look like a goddess Love, in its original black hair dyed blond, her lovely curvaceous body, and many stories about his relationship with the boy, who enhanced illusion. Combination of her looks, her professional and its behavior, certainly made Marilyn Monroe a disc to pagan times and Li worship. It is no wonder, then, that many women like to emulate him at least by being blond, but such discs will also affect the dark-haired man, who prefer to enhance their external persona in this way.

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My name is Tala Bar and I live in Israel. I hold an M.Phil. degree in literature from the London University. I taught Hebrew and English languages and literature before I turned a full time writer. I have had a number of books, stories and articles published in print and on the Net, both in Hebrew and English.

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