Blue Headband

Blue Headband
Blue Headband

Spirituality Information - Journey to the fields of Forever (Part 79th)

Being a poor judge of age, I guessed that the banker somewhere late in his mid seventies. His beard, long and white, flowed halfway down his chest, complimenting her shoulder-length, gray hair. He was dressed in a long orange colored robe with a blue headband surrounding his forehead. He seems to be in excellent physical condition. Although he certain Indian tribes, his deep, sonorous voice, impeccable English spoken with a slight British accent.

"It is good to see you, John, "He continued, looking straight into my eyes.

"What a beautiful where you," I said, following in quick, "Will you to please join us for dinner? "

"Not tonight, thank you," he answered. "And the accent is leftover from my Oxford and Cambridge days. "

I turned Pandayji and pleaded, "Pandayji, please make him stay. Gideon and Marla will also be joining us for dinner. It would be wonderful for all of us. Please, not be any problems. "

Pandayji's eyes lit up as he heard that Gideon and Marla would join us. "Why do not you stay for dinner, banker? It would be nice to meet John's other friends."

"I really want, "answered banker," But I have some appointments to keep. If more people will walk on water, there is no need for boatmen, or, "and he laughed," if you like, man boat. However, I have a little gift for you, John "

He handed me a small package wrapped in lovely blue paper. "Take it," he said, "I think you are looking for this for a long time. It only a tiny gifts, I wanted but to have it. But you must promise me not to open it until dinner. "

"Thanks," I said as took the gift, "Thank you. I promise I will not open it until later. I can stay."

"I must go now, "he answered. I'll probably see you again before you leave. But if not, then sometime, somewhere. "He turned Pandayji saying," Thanks, blacksmith, for giving me opportunity to meet him. I am very grateful. See you soon. "He bowed, turned and left.

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Lecturer, entrepreneur and MBA business consultant, John Harricharan is the author of the award-winning book, "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat."
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