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Epi Leather bag Online

Louis Vuitton introduced its Epi leather line in 1986 to offer contemporary and dynamic design. The entire collection has a textured Epi variety of leather colors like Vanilla, Lilac, Pepper, Red, Black and Mooka. Epi leather series consisting of a wide range of pouches, wallets, clutches, agendas, handbags and travel accessories. Epi leather bag is the best way to organize and manage your stuff with style and elegance. We give you Handbagzzz an exclusive collection of Louis Vuitton's Epi leather replicas known for their quality, design, and style.

Epi Leather Handbags: We offer a wide collection of leather handbags Epi. These are elegant handheld bags are crafted in Epi leather with proper logos, straps, and locks to give they have an attractive appearance as the original ones. You will be impressed with the shape, posture, and unmistakable touch of luxury of the bags. Our collection includes Figari PM Buck, Jasmin, Passy, Turenne gm, Soufflot, Segur PM, PM bucket, Noah, Vivienne Long, Pont-Neuf, Mandara PM, PM Sac plat, Monceau, Montaigne Bag and more.

Epi leather wallets and Purses: Check out our beautiful shape Epi leather wallets and purses as Koala Wallet, Schilling Coin Purse, Wallet fast, Ludlow Wallets, Tresor Wallet, French Purse, compact wallet, purse Coin purse and snapped. The trendy and stylish wallets are embossed with Louis Vuitton label to give them a classy look. They also have a functional interior that provides enough space to hold all your essentials.

Epi Leather Accessories: Handbagzzz offers a variety of stylish Epi Leather Accessories including organizers and hold the key as fast Organizer, Pocket Organizer, Key and Change Holder, Key Holder Epi, Credit Card and Yen Holder, Business Card Holder and much more. The accessories help you store and manage things such as cards, notes, CHITS, keys, small changes, etc. All these accessories are remarkably designed with beautiful textured Epi leather featuring a huge capacity and much functionality.

Epi Leather Agendas: Here you can find good textured Epi leather Silver shiny brass agendas with zipper, 12 credit card slots, zipped pocket for coins, flat pocket for bills, compartments for papers and passport, checkbook or plane ticket holder and pen holder too.

Check our elegantly designed Epi leather agendas of various shapes and sizes such as Mini Agenda Cover, Small Ring Agenda Cover, Medium Ring Agenda Cover, Large Ring Agenda Cover and Pocket Agenda Cover. The sleekly designed agendas are flexible and help you organize your stuff with versatility and style.

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