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Dominate With Hypnosis - Fact Or Fiction?

Dominate in Hypnosis

Initially, Revelation

Make you feel like life is passing you by and you are a spectator and a participant? Are you sitting at the bus stop and the bus just continue going through and not stopping. You whistle, jump up and down, wave your arms and you still can not get recognition. You are over looked for promotions time and time again. Dude, here's a thought, you are not in control! You are controlling. You're not standing out, you are standing down. Yes, you heard me right. Now, ask yourself if what I was gonna do about it? Do some self analysis. What do you want in life? Why did not it? How are you going to get it? not It is wonderful to find a solution to all issues that affect your well being? Well, not quit now! Do not close your mind before you even get started. Now is the day to start your life changeing trip. Now let's break the mold and start changing your direction of travel. No one can do it for you, you have to do it. Are you ready? OK, that's what I want to hear. Let us start by learning a little about why we is the way we are.

WE ARE secretly hypnotized?

There are people, and I used to be one, to walk through life playing the lottery in their future. It's like there is an anointed few who get all the breaks and win grand prize lifes per day. It may be they are just living and thinking outside the box. They do not think or bend in each blast of hot air that comes along. There is a reason why you are where you are now. This is because you just do not care, you are flat out lazy or you are believing the flood of implicit social economy catagorizing envelope every day. Let us take a small glimpse of what I was saying. As children we are programed, brainwashed, hypnotized, if you will, to be a product Our invironment. For example, if we are born to poor, we were told by stataticians, according to statistics is always difficult because our history and evidence This makes it a reality. If you are working on common labor market is said that you do not control no matter how hard you work. It is not just within your grasp. If you are middle management will not take VP because you do not study or not you have the ability to get you there. TV hits you continue commercial ads and programs that devalue you, what you own, what pleases you and what you think. Just think about it, if you drive your car A and B vehicles, as the safest, then you are not a responsible parent. Do not care about your family's safety because you do not drive B. Not taking into consideration of being able to afford an over priced product. If you use credit card A credit card instead of B then you are not mentally fit to make sound financial decisions on your own. What's in your pocket? If you wear a brand B and not a brand and then you are not being a responsible consumer and not style. Not taking the poor quality poduct A. That is just a few examples of how we unknowingly are dominated mentaly, suggestively hypnotized, into believing that we is not capable of making sound decisions for ourselves. We bombarded puppets that can be psychologically and bullied into believing whatever we are told. There is some truth that that statement, just look at morality and the buying trends of the american public. Maybe we are taking some mental notes here. The point here is start the dominator not dominated. It is targeted at psychological warfare concepts to your life style at stake. Start thinking outside the box. You are the one in control through the power of persuasion and not the one getting emotional and mental defeat every day.

Hypnosis Fact or Fiction?

Have you ever just lost in the mall, set on benches and watched people? Now that is what I call entertainment. You must ask yourself why people do what they do? What makes them tick? The people in the mall look like ants to a picnic with a mission of food on their mind. They follow the same path one behind the other like ants workers. What makes millions of people buy one brand manufacturers and only a few buy anothers brand? Is this mental manipulation or subliminal hypnosis we are constantly exposed to? It is said that repetition is the mother of all learning. So if you are told over and over again you are not capable of being anything more than a programed zombie, after a while begain to believe it. This is the beginning of mind manipulation, hypnosis if you will. Your average 18 year old watches approximately 180 hours of television and listening to 235 hours of music month.You one tell me where we are getting our Mentoring from. You can take that as a positive or a negative.Everyone are entitled to their own opinion. But if you can do only a fraction of the persuasive power of hypnosis and focus talk in a positive way to better yourself, your family, your financial life, you are ready to do it? Those who use hypnosis everyday to better themselves. They get hypnotized to stop smoking, to loose weight, to regain their memory about their past, to help overcome a mental meltdown caused from some sort of trauma phsycological. There are programs of hypnotic suggestion for self-improvement to give someone their own confidence back. Victims of crime are put under hypnosis to break through mental barriers that keep them from remembering what happened or even what their attacker looked like. So if you ask me if hypnosis is fact or fiction. I'd have to say sufficient evidence that this world saying, yes hypnosis is truth.

Hypnosis CAN HELP ME?

I personally do not know, there's probably something in your life that you need for drug therapy. I'm not telling you to go out and get therapy. The point I want to make is that it is time to take control of your own destiny instead of allowing every Tom, Dick or Harry to control it for you. If you're happy with being an ordinary Joe than that is fine and you do not need to read any farther. I apologize for wasting you time. But if you like I was, feeling trapped with no way out, then you need to read on. It is time for a breakthrough, do not you agree? If so, read following scenerios and see if you personally witnessed or have been involved in the following. The co-workers that you are trained and above all that you are passed by of. try to express your ideas in your work and no one seems to listen. You just can not seem to get anyones respect. You watch other people get what they want while you are working just to pay bills. Seems like everyone in line at the bank was walking out of the loans that they have applied for you and get rejected. Each other seem to get their dream girl or guy and you can not even get a date. Does any of this sound familiar? You can probably think of more things that are just as important to you than what is listed. I just want to stop for a moment and take inventory. You need to approach this issue it as it is all psychological warfare to gain control of your destiny and you will not settle for anything less than complete and total success. If there are A program designed to teach you to solve the issues you face in your everyday life? Would you be willing to give yourself a chance to get Your freedom? Well guess wha, t have. Are you ready to step up to the plate and change your life forever? Well here is your chance to not let this oppurtunity pass you by.

Mind control and the power of persuasion
-------------------------------------------------- ------------

Allright then, lets get down to brass tacks. There is a self help program that I was researching, it's what I do, I review topics help, and it totally changed the way I pictured the future may be. You do not have to be a Guru psychology or have an IQ off the charts to use This simple step instruction guide. If you apply yourself that it is within your reach now to create your own destiny. How awesome is that it is to able to influence and change the thoughts of other people? Well, it's not complicated, in fact it's easier than you think. All things in life that ever wanted for you are taking. Learn the hidden secrets that the powers do not want to know. You will be able to influence standing in your way. Get that dream of fortune and fame. Earn the respect of your colleagues and Associates who do not even give you the time of the day before. And if you are single of course, to woo and court the special someone who used to be an unattainable fantasy. you do not have to be born with extra power to influence people thought. It is well within Your grasp on over and positively change the course of your life by learning through hypnosis seemingly casual conversation. Conversational hypnosis will show you how to: Target the manipulations in the brain through the speech, take your desires in any language and make others want to help you realize your goals in life. You are never closer to your life than right now to access and keep the secret mind control through hypnosis conversation. Here's the challenge I put before you. Do you have the guts to go out and get what you want? Are you willing to step outside the cookie cutter mold that someone else designed for you? Or are you going to duck your head, put your hands behind your pockets, turn around and walk away from total freedom and happiness at last? Review the system for yourself, it is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to change their lives. I just want to see you win, check it out for yourself, what do you have to loose? The ball is in your court my friend. What do you do with it is up to you.

Success in hypnosis, 100% Guarantee

About the Author

Jack was born and raised in the oil feilds of west Texas and eventually migrated to the north Texas corporate world. Having experienced both sides of those worlds has set his sights on researching self help programs and writings. His passion is researching and finding valuable information that will truly help folks better their lives in some way. Enjoy life to the fullest, we are here only for a short while. JLC

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