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Detective Conan
Detective Conan
Detective Conan?

.. Hey I wonder if everyone is stil Detective Conan shows abroad .. what is shown on our local tv network also cable in the Philippines is the one shown in 1996 ... I really wanted to know if you know that Conan and sinichi is the same person aside from Professor? I really have many questions in my mind ... Thank you (arigato)

Detective Conan is still showing in Japan and overseas as well. It's been over 10 years since anime began to be aired in Japan. About your question about who else knows Conan's real identity, there are some other people with figured out that he is actually Shinichi. Here is a list of them: 1 - His parents 2 - Hattori Heiji (High school detective from Osaka) 3 - Kaito Kid 4 - Haibara AI 5 - vermouth (One member from the black organization) even know that vermouth is really Conan Shinichi, he did not say the organization because he did not want to spoil him. ran, her sweet heart, still up to this point is not known. You can find more information on my site.

Detective Conan OVA 2 (ENG SUB) 1/3

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