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Exploring the West Coast Dolls House and Miniature Show

If you are new to collecting miniatures or you're an old pro ready to learn more about these activities, the West Coast Dolls House and miniatures show the place to go. Held annually in Langley, British Columbia, the show combines miniaturists from across Canada and beyond on the second Sunday of June.

Set up as a two-day living, show they are designed not only to give collectors a place to buy, but also teach them tricks of the trade. The first day of the show is reserved for a workshop series. The second is dedicated to the show and sales. During the show and sale, collectors from all over can come and purchase miniatures of many scales to help them round out their own collections. Collectors should want to know how to do things themselves, the workshop series is worth checking out. During the series, collectors may choose to attend a number of classes to teach them how to tackle various projects related to miniature "chore."

The workshop series will vary each year, but the dollhouse enthusiasts who plan to attend the event can expect to learn things like:

How to make their own animal felted - Collectors who want a serious touch of realism for their dollhouses know that family pets and other animals is a must. Instructors to show can teach others how to make their own felted miniatures, including dogs, raccoons, cats and more.
Character dolls - Ready-made dolls are nice, but it is always more special to live in a house with homemade creations. If enthusiasts are lucky, the workshop series will include a session on how to create realistic the puppet characters without the need for molds.

Clothes - Period clothing is essential to maintain the integrity of a theme dollhouse together. Unfortunately, many collectors do not know how to sew or have a problem with small pieces of material they must work with. During the show's workshop series, it is possible to learn how to make the finished piece using only a bottle Coca-Cola.

Electricity - making sure the light is inside a doll house is a very important move to add realism and a sense of wonder settings. It is often possible for collectors to learn how to electrify their own house during a step-by-step workshop.

Other lessons - Depending on the slate of leaders of the workshop, participants will also have the opportunity to learn how to make their own piece of furniture, decorations and more.

While the workshop series is worth attending, many travel enthusiasts in Langley for the show and sales. During this part of the festivities, miniaturists from all over show off their creations and make them available for purchase. Collectors with an eye toward doing so may literally furnish their house from top to bottom during the sale.

If you wonder in miniatures, a trip to Langley, British Columbia, will leave your jaw dropped to the floor. The annual West Coast Dolls House and Miniature Show provides a place for miniaturists to share ideas, learn from each other stores and their hearts' content.

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