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Tips to Buy and Sell Online Barbie doll

Tips on buying and selling Barbie dolls online

It is not unnatural that the online Sellers repent for not saving their Barbie dolls when they come to know the big bucks behind pretty doll business.
Barbie, the doll which is been attracting the world's children and adults since 1959, is available for a wide range of prices from $ 5 to $ 5,000.
One has to learn the nuances of the doll business to buy or sell Barbies online. For example, just handful of profit you can see if you put up a classic bubble-cut Barbie for sale at low opening bid with no reserve.
Web References
Thanks to the Internet, one can get lot of information, pictures, quotes and suggestions on the doll collection by browsing hundreds of websites. However, the three websites are worth watching for the latest updates and extensive information of the Barbie doll.
Reference doll ( is the best place to start. This is a big, doll-collecting site, and the Barbie Menu is provided separately to find the vintage Barbie & Friends of 1959-1976. With over 156 pages and nearly 2,000 photos in this section.
Official site for Mattel's Barbie doll, Barbie Collectibles, ( can not be ignored for your general information about the Barbie doll business. From 1959 until now, it will show both classic and modern collection Barbie doll and friends. Barbie fashions, newsletters to members and area for member collection showcasing the added benefits of this website.
To obtain close to the business language of the Barbie doll, "Barbie Collecting Terminology" ( is a must watch. Website list of all types of letters / characters, abbreviations related titles and their detailed information.
Tips to identify your Barbie
Markings encrypted on the rump and back of the neck indicate the details of the product, in the absence of pictures. The condition affects the cost of the doll just like all other collectibles. Clothing, paint, body, face and hair conditions help you in determining the price. For a seller, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantage of these features. It is advisable that a buyer should clarify the above, by sending an email or call the seller if they are not found in detail.

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It is a sad fact of life that some people are dishonest, others oblivious, and misinformed about the doll. Similar to a real life transaction doll show or shop, you need to protect yourself from being "taken" the less-than scrupulous when you buy or sell the dolls on the Internet and such online auction houses like eBay or, or people-to-person direct sales from web site. Unlike real life, when you buy a doll online, you investigate it yourself. As a seller, your biggest fear is someone who is not you pay after the doll is sent, or someone returning a doll you in worse condition than when you sent it. As a buyer, Your biggest fear is getting NO doll at all after you pay for it, or a doll that is in much worse condition than described. Here are some Things you can do to help protect yourself in online transactions, both as a buyer and a seller;

1. Get references: If you are dealing with an unknown person or entity, learn the names of other people who have had successful online transaction with the seller, and contact them, via e-mail or phone.
2. Send a check, and not a money order, as long as possible (this is the reverse of what you want as a seller). You can stop a check, but there is little you can do about an order of money if things go bad in the middle of a deal.
3. With an extensive description. Ask questions if the first description is not detailed enough, and make sure you receive answers. If you feel resistance, or receive evasiveness or vague answers, PASS.
4. Take pictures as possible. If the seller is not equipped to send them by e-mail, and then request them via snail mail (computer-speak for the U.S. Postal Service).
5. Get a RETURN privilege, you WILL get the doll over-optimistically described, and WAS to use the privilege if you buy lots of dolls online.
6. Use common sense: If something feels "off" about the dolls, selling, or transactions, or you just get a bad feeling, listen to your inner self, and pass the doll. It is not worth taking a chance, and your internal warning system is generally reliable. The few times that I was "burned" into a doll, if I had paid attention on my misgivings, I will!
7. Not rushed: If the seller is a lavish urgent (desperate for money, family emergency, raising money), your warning system should leave. Another doll comes with: PASS
8. Get a PHONE NUMBER and an ADDRESS. Do not rely on an e-mail address and a post-office box; both can not be ignored or missing. Call the phone number.
9. Keep writing: Put all correspondence to computerized doll is delivered, if case of dispute.
10. DO Take Part to another party Transactions: Do not buy a doll from x to either selling or sending it for Y. This is a recipe for disaster, you can get caught in the middle of a dispute between two parties. It occurred to me, a lady went on a long vacation, left a doll with a friend on the ship when my $ $ is received. They had a dispute over postage and shipping costs (and, he stiffed his friends with electricity bill). I had to pay postage and handling Dummies AGAIN (my cheapest option to get out of it), while the two parties continue to argue and I do not take my dolls for almost a month!
11. The Transaction Is Sound Too Good To Be True? Is someone offering you a perfect Jumeau for $ 500? Run, fast, computerized the opposite direction.
12. Do not Buy Too Expensive dolls Online: Set a limit that is not too pain when all your precautions are not used, and you get stuck in dog doll of the century, or, even worse, no doll at all after payment. Remember, Only YOU know what is too big a risk for you to take - for one person, it is $ 50. For others, $ 5,000.
13. SHIPPING INSURANCE: This is a good idea to have it, in case your doll is lost or damaged in transit.
1. Get references. Does the buyer pay their bills? Get e-mail and telephone referrals from online transactions to ensure.
2. MONEY clearance orders and checks: If you are selling, money order is best for YOU. Money Orders are best. If you accept checks, make 100% sure that it cleared your bank before you ship the doll.
0.3 Get a PHONE NUMBER and actual to ADDRESS. Do not rely on an e-mail address and a post office box or PMB. Call the phone number.
4. ALL exposed flaws: As mentioned above. Be 100% honest, or you will end up with no successful transactions and returns!
5. Have payment policies: Also as mentioned above, and stick to them
6. Offer a RETURN POLICY - offer me back for anything that is NOT as described (buyer finds fault I can not describe, etc.) and a more liberal policy if asked for it up front.
7. Keep writing, documents and pictures: Since you DO offer a return policy, you need to protect yourself against unscrupulous buyer can get back to you in a variety of dolls of the same type, which is worse situation than you (it is not very common, but can happen). I know one woman who sent out a mint # 6 Vintage Barbie, and what is returned to him is a very played # 6 Barbie. At least until the transaction is successfully completed, keep everything in case of a dispute.
8. Make A Buyer Buy SHIPPING INSURANCE. This will help you have peace of mind, in case the box has not arrived. Also, it gives you proof of successful delivery.
9. Shipped immediately, and let your customers know when expected shipment. If you go on a vacation in a week, and can not ship that week, let your customers know in advance so they do not get nervous when their e-mail you did not respond.
10. UPS vs. U.S. MAIL?: This is a personal choice, I had good luck with Priority Mail, insured. My UPS package is often received more mangled my post office, UPS ships for many heavy packages. BUT, UPS is a wonderful tracking service, you can track a package with your computer. So, for my very expensive or large doll, I DO use UPS. Both services offer receipt return for a fee, and for love dolls, I want to buy this extra peace of mind.
11. Doll pack carefully. You DO NOT want to have ruined an expensive doll delivery. You will have of a headache to deal with, a ruined sales, and an unhappy customer.
I hope these tips are helpful, in future articles, we will cover the purchase and selling dolls via eBay and other online auctons, as well as buying and selling dolls through other methods on the Internet.

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