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Feeling Figure
Feeling Figure

Why You Can not Always Trust Your Feelings

When I was graduate school for psychology, our rallying cry is "Go on you emotionally."

When someone got up in front of the class to give a presentation and we are in a rough condition that's what we said.

When one our gang hesitated over a project, whether it is conducting some original research or figuring out how to get a date, that's what we said.

And when we are in a session with a client, that's what we said, too.

The reason we passionately believe in the idea that this is because it is quite clear to us that the cause of most psychological disorders, if they are in different garden or severe, is due to suppression of emotion.

We equated with "feeling better" to "more."

On the surface, it seems correct.

After all, if you want to try something new tail will empower you, feeling it still will empower you more.

And, if you want to help someone pull out a stuck state, it will feel more flush it.

Or, if something does not feel right and you should go with a person or situation, you may your intuition is ringing a loud alarm.

In such cases, it is wise to trust your feelings.

But there is a shadow side to trust your feelings and going with them.

Let me explain:

This is when to do something, but do not feel like doing so. So you do not do it.

You will probably want a few examples.

You should clean up the kitchen, clean your desk, or go to bed early because you have a busy day ahead, but do not feel like it.

The result is that your kitchen becomes a health hazard, your desk at your usual sources of inefficiency, and your late night, the reason for your low energy and bad moods.

You go to your feels so, and had to pay a price for it. Was it wise to trust those feelings?

Now say dig a little deeper.

Why do we have the feeling that we should trust in the first place? Where they come from? A part of our mind deliberately to wreck our little world?

The answer to the source of the feeling is the subconscious mind. In particular, previous associations of pain associated with the necessary tasks.

It is not fun kitchen cleaning, washing and rinsing dishes, wiping down the counters, putting away dinner, and getting the garbage. It is a lot more fun to watch on TV so fun won.

It is not happy tidying up your desk, filing away old documents, finding a place to put your calculator, and wondering what to do with All you pen excess collected. It's more fun to fire up your computer and check your email.

It's not fun going to bed early when you think need to watch TV, chat on the phone, or other reasons that you consider pleasurable.

Disease, pain, pain.

Why opt for the disease, when it is substituted for pleasure?

This is because the pain prevent you today will only get worse tomorrow.

The 15 minutes it takes to clean the kitchen is a day to avoid a 3 hour attempt to create sanity (and sanitation).

The 10 minutes required to clean your desk is a day to avoid a frantic search for the overdue bill that now you're paying a late fee.

The 5 minutes it takes to go to bed will prevent you from dragging through the next day feeling like death warmed over.

Ideally, you can flip the switch and associations exchange of pleasure and pain to make the kitchen clean and tidy the table, and the first hour of sleep source of pride.

But it will take some work, and you may not feel like it.

About the Author

Saleem Rana would love to share his inspiring ideas His book Never Ever Give Up tells you how. It is offered at no cost as a way to help YOU succeed.
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