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Figure Figurine
Figure Figurine

Recession & Royal Doulton figurines collectible

It is true that recent years, the internet has opened a great new gateway for collectors. Collectors and those who wish to sell their collectibles are now brought together through the auction site as well as other websites. The continued Royal Doulton figurines that are currently offered in the local antique and specialty shops in the past, are now being offered on auction sites and specialized websites internationally.

The recent downturn in the economy has caused some individuals who have inherited or are not interested in Royal Doulton figurines collecting parts to resolve them.

Although all of this new activity has produced some of the most commonly Royal Doulton figurines more readily available it will make some significant factors that make many of the models even more difficult-to-find and more importantly as a result.

As more Royal Doulton figurines were sold on the internet, are they physically handled by many people in the process. Once sold, the figurines were sent to the individual buyer and auction sites, many of whom are not experts on sending precious fine china. As a result, a significant percentage of the figurines become damaged during transmission and handling.

Throughout the past century, each figurine Royal Doulton style is made in a limited number of pieces and made for a limited number of years, from 1 year to less than 7, on average. Because there, only a certain number of figurines in each model remain available on the market. Lapse, room temperature, making a move to a new location and the way of a figurine is stored or displayed by the owner, plays a major role in the current situation each piece. Many figurines sold by the individual or auction sites may have slight to significant flaws such as chips, hairline cracks, color fading glaze or paint loss and crazing. Therefore, finding older figurines that are still in "pristine condition" is becoming more and more difficult should be taken advantage of when available.

Other than natural causes, all this flurry of activity in buying and selling on the internet, have greatly reduced the number of older and harder to find pieces in flawless condition. Thus, the majority of Royal Doulton figurine styles found in pristine condition, not only their long value, many will be sold at or above book value.

For collectors who are in a position to buy, now is the perfect time to add pieces to their collection of hard-to-find pieces are made available.

Of course, when making a purchase on the internet, it is of utmost importance to buy from a reputable dealer will guarantee the condition of the figurine, and provides professional packaging to ensure a secure arrival.

For more information on Royal Doulton figurines the history and score and to view a wide selection of discontinued and hard-to-find figurines Royal Doulton, please visit Grand Dezign is one of the largest authorized dealers Royal Doulton in the U.S., specializing in discontinued, hard-to-find and rare Royal Doulton figurines. All figurines shown is in stock and available for immediate shipment to anyone where in the U.S. and around the world. By request, Grand Dezign makes every attempt to find certain figurines that can not be used elsewhere by its various sources around the world.

About the Author

Vivianne Smith is a an author with expertise in porcelain and fine china collectibles. Her travels to Europe and visiting many manufacturers' factories and workshops has provided her with a wealth of information regarding the production of these works of art.

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