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How To Become A Super Affiliate Part 1 of 2

Affiliate products have always been great money makers for Internet marketers. However, how the super affiliates make a six-figure income while someone else selling the same product is doing nothing. What is the difference in and why is there such a wide range of income?

The main difference is the six figure super affiliate is doing all right. Following are the 12 steps to becoming a super successful affiliate marketer.

1. Make a large and growing list. Some people will buy the product the first time they see it. Make a list and can return to potential buyers again and again.

2. Cloak your links. Some people are reluctant to click on the bright affiliate products. AND, some unscrupulous people will change your affiliate ID on their own. Cloaking avoids both problems.

3. Know your products and sell only the highest quality ones. If possible, buy it before recommending it to others.

4. Sell only products closely related to your niche. You will maximize sales in all Your products are related to the same theme.

5. Market your site!

6. Market your list!

7. Market your products!

8. Market yourself!

9. Repeat steps 9 through 12 again and again and again ...

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