Franky Chopper

Franky Chopper
Franky Chopper
Rank strength Strawhat Crew members in one piece.?

This is how I would rank them. 1-2-Luffy 4-Monster Chopper Zoro Sanji, Robin 5-6 7-8-Brooke Franky 9-Rumble Ball Chopper 10-Yam & Ussopp (depending on the situation)

1. Luffy (Rubber boy is all of them) 2. Zoro (master swordsman) 3. Robin (to attack from at a distance) 4. Sanji (good speed and leg strength) 5. Franky (able to rapidly formed and shoots bullets anywhere) 6. Brook (good speed and sword techniques) is objective, but he's not a good fighter)

Roger and Rayleigh Tribute The Temple of the King

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