Gaara Desert

Gaara Desert
Gaara Desert
Why Gaara of the Desert is my favorite anime character?

10 points for correct answers.

Well Gaara is my favorite character well.> I'll list a few reasons why he is my favorite and maybe they are the same as your reasons:) I admire immensely Gaara because he tried hard to change. From birth he was convicted only be used as a mere weapon and no one dared to give him affection. But even though his past is haunting - He tried so hard to change and become a different person, and he succeeded. Plus, Gaara looks so cool when he was fighting cause he's always this calm look on his face implys "I am calm / cool." Even under this look - he's actually a strong and fierce fighter. On top of all this, Gaara is a hot redhead and he's Kazekage ^ ^

Naruto...Gaara of the Desert

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