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Shih Tzu - The hotly contested Question Of Shih Tzu Size Part III

There is a highly valuable article presented by a Norweigan Shih Tzu fancier where the author's name is not given. It is thought to be almost certain, however, the article was written by Dr. Walter Young, author of several dog Breeds of Asia.

The article was published in Peiping shortly before the first Peking Kennel Club Show. The article states: "at least as usually as good Pekingese in Peiping the Tibetans, the shock-haired long-coated small dogs who came to China during the Manchu dynasty as a gift from the grand lamas in Lhasa. "The writer continues to say:" This novel is a little race, "and complained at that time," no effort was made to distinguish what is quite clearly two distinct types, a big larger and higher on leg than the other. "

The type of dog described as larger and larger higher in the leg than the other is usually analyzed by Chinese fanciers and dog sold in markets on fair day. The writer placed them as the dogs that should be the group of non-sporting, and admitted there was much confusion about race, and even in those days, was very accurate information spreads about various dimensions of the Shih Tzu. The article will prove the theory about the existence of two types of Shih Tzu in Peking, at least as far as 1930's are concerned: one of a very small variety, to the tune of more or less similar to the Pekingese, the other larger and somewhat closely resembling what we now call Apso, though smaller, and with shorter legs. The writer is well aware of many cases crossing the Shih Tzu and Pekingese.

When Princess Der Ling came to Peking and shared his knowledge of the Countess d'Anjou, the whole truth about the old palace dogs began to appear. Peking fanciers began to do their best return in a matter of imperial Shih Tzu that greatness is his birthright to happier days. The Japanese occupation of Peking in the summer of 1937 which was followed by attacks on Pearl Harbor 4 ½ years later, brought an end to their hopes and dreams.

Some very important Shih Tzu information about size and weight is in the form of a personal letter, dated May, 1955, written by the Countess d'Anjou to Mrs. LG Widdrington, leading English with interest and widely recognized authority on historical palace lion dogs. The letter in its entirety can be found at the American Shih Tzu News of March, 1967. The standard made in France sets out for weight limits for the Shih Tzu of 11-22 pounds. The whole standard is also said to have met with complete approval of two other French fanciers from pre-Pearl Harbor Peking. It is highly unlikely either of them know nearly as much about the history of the race as the Countess. Available evidence suggests that their experience of Shih Tzu dates from the confused period before the Princess Der Ling arrived in Peking to bring to light the whole truth about the Imperial Dogs Lion as he is known in the palace.

The Countess went on in his letter to make it perfectly clear that he is far from happy about weight limit allowed. He accepted it against his better judgment. he does not consider such a weight range as historically correct or even as desirable. The Countess's letter to Mrs. Widdrington states: "Yes, I thought the Shih Tzu too big in England. They really should be under £ 12. In Indeed, there are two classes in Peking, up to £ 12 (which will include our little 6 pound teacups now) and more than £ 12 will be judged separately. They never had big ones in the Imperial Palace ......

Currently, the American Kennel Club standard for measurement is not considered the weight of under £ 9 as appropriate for the ideal Shih Tzu, and to be accepted by the American Kennel Club show ring competitions. size is not allowed in the AKC show ring. All love this size, you must accept this fact as it is.

However, we also need to face the fact that the smaller size Shih Tzu are The results of the day lost through breeding practices. It is not at all true that the smaller Shih Tzu is "weak" or with greater health problems larger than the Shih Tzu. It is not at all true breeders produce smaller size Shih Tzu are guilty of being irresponsible, in-breeding and line-breeding close relatives to get the small size, and doing just about anything to get the small size for the sake of "more money."

Shih Tzu puppy from the standard size Shih Tzu show ring requirements are priced at much higher prices and thus having as much, if not more, health problems due to the fact that even when animals are rude to meet a certain weight, look and necessity, a kind has set in. Type is set by in-breeding and line breeding. Negative characteristics, like any health problems bloodlines passed onto children as positive attributes the ones that make a beautiful Shih Tzu for Showring.

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