Japanese Doll

Japanese Doll
Japanese Doll

Japanese fashion, bright Kimono

Kimono is the traditional dress of Japan, for both men and women. The word consists of two Chinese characters. Ki comes from kiru, which means "to wear", and Mono means "thing". So it means literally "something to wear of ". The kimono is always long and then folded over at the waist. If you sew kimono for Dummies, it's an important thing to remember. kimonos Children also commonly with tucks on the shoulders to allow for growth.

The kimono is always put in a certain way. The right side is always folded over first and then is on the left side to the open edge with your right leg. It is very important to remember when you dress the doll. A kimono put in backwards to open the left side leg is only used when dressing the body for a funeral. To check this, open the doll around so that you are both facing the same direction and check to see that the open edge is along the right leg as it would if you were wearing one.

And there are many types of kimono used for different occasions. Here are some of the major types you'll be made for dolls. There are many ways of tying the sweet potato (belt) on kimono. I have shown the most common ones in the photos.

Regular Kimono

Depending on the fabric and the sweet potato (belt), this type of kimono can be worn for day to day wear or for a formal occasion. For a wedding, many married women wear one of these in black with gorgeous colorful design with under and their families to the ridge of the sleeve and back neck. White socks with big toe sewn separately usually wear kimono.

Furisode - Long sleeve kimono

Long sleeve kimono is a formal kimono and are only worn by the young lady. If you are married, you not wear this type. A long-sleeved kimono is worn for special occasions and ceremony, New Year day, Coming of Age ceremony, etc. There is a long kimono sleeve 7 year old girl to wear for their 7-5-3 ceremony that celebrates their good health and well into the age of 7. It varies only a little from older versions. White socks with big toe sewn separate always worn kimono.

Summer Kimono

Summer yukata kimono is called in Japanese. These are made of cotton and usually have a very simple belt without all the other accessories with kimonos. The more traditional summer kimono is a navy and white design. In recent years, they became more colorful and now you can see them wide variety of colors and designs. This type of kimono is considered casual. It is often worn in summer festivals. Usually wooden clogs are worn with no socks. Recently a different type of belt type sandals have also become popular though. The kids version of this kimono is very similar to the adult except that the sweet potato (belt) is usually a soft silk ribbon tied to a regular bow back.

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The Japanese Doll Festival-雛祭り

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16 Japanese GEISHA Oriental Doll DOL3014-16

16 Japanese GEISHA Oriental Doll DOL3014-16


16" JAPANESE GEISHA PORCELAIN DOLL WITH THEATRICAL COSTUMEGet authentic oriental charm to your home decor or collection with this exquisite piece. Hand made porcelain japanese geisha doll in very detail silk brocade costume, making this exotic creation a stunning piece of oriental art. Size: H16" x W6" x D6"...

Usaburo Japanese Kokeshi Doll, Yuki's Red Kimono

Usaburo Japanese Kokeshi Doll, Yuki's Red Kimono


Traditional kokeshi dolls originated in northern Japan during the middle of the Edo period around 300 years ago. It is said that artisans who were skilled in woodworking began crafting these hand-carved and painted wooden dolls to sell to people who were visiting the many hot springs in the region. These traditional kokeshi dolls were usually made of a cylindrical, slender piece of wood with a rou...

Hero Arts Mounted Rubber Stamp, 3 by 1.5-Inch, 3 Japanese Dolls

Hero Arts Mounted Rubber Stamp, 3 by 1.5-Inch, 3 Japanese Dolls


HERO ARTS- Wood-Mounted Rubber Stamp Set. Hero Arts Wood-Mounted stamps are made with lightweight wood, foam and red rubber to give you solid stamping performance. With designs for the everyday and special occasions you are sure to find the perfect stamp. This package contains three coordinated wood stamps. Available in a variety of designs: each sold separately. Size and shape of stamp varies by ...

Iwako Kokeshi Doll Japanese Eraser 1 Supplied

Iwako Kokeshi Doll Japanese Eraser 1 Supplied


Set of authentic Japanese Iwako erasers produced and hand assembled in Japan. Iwako erasers are lead free, phthalate free, latex free and pvc free. Each eraser is a puzzle that can be taken apart and put back together. Mix and match the different colors. Contains very small parts. Ages: 3 years+....

SSJ:Japanese Geisha Kimono Doll 11.8 Inches (Black)

SSJ:Japanese Geisha Kimono Doll 11.8 Inches (Black)


Very Beautiful Japanese Geisha / Maiko style doll in Kimono (about 11.8 inches tall) standing on about 5.1 inches square base. This is the greatest chance for you to get both traditional Japanese dolls. All items are carefully chosen and sold by a real Native Japanese Seller who lives in Tokyo, Japan. The color and design of this item might look a little different: depends on your PC monitor; plea...

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