Kakashi Dog

Kakashi Dog
Kakashi Dog
Uzumaki Naruto is from the family senju? *** Spoilers ***?

Ok, so we all know about the fight that Sasuke and Naruto before Sasuke reached Orochimaru. The area now called "the Valley of the end" Where Hashirama Madara Uchiha and Senju clan fought from the past. 234 "Separation Day" Kakashi and his dogs state that its ironic that they would fight it, and that Sasuke and naruto life was very like them. Naruto chapter 399 Madara explains to Sasuke that as time went by Senju retained Supremecy families and show them the pic of all the previous Hokages, one of them being Naruto's father, the fourth Hokage. Which leads me to believe that Naruto being fourths son, is also from the fact Senju clan.In all Hokages from Tsunade Senju clan including the granddaughter of the second Hokage who is the first hokages younger brother. Further more even Tsunade gave Naruto the 1st Hokage's necklas. Sasuke, the best from Uchiha, Naruto, the best from the Senju clan. Tada! Any Theories?

Agreed. The latest manga where Tobi (Uchiha Madara) explains The history behind him and Sasuke Hashirama pretty much points in this particular direction as well. So to answer your question, yes, Naruto is most likely descendant of the Senju clan. Also, as reminiscent of the battle between Sasuke and Naruto in the Valley of the End is, the Uchiha blood actually won against the Senju blood in the present (For Hashirama Madara lost in the past).

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