Kitty Figures

Kitty Figures
Kitty Figures

The Story of Magic and marigold

A day in the Fall of 1998 I went to the local animal shelter. I came early to my assistant Shelly. The adoption is not still open, so we waited outside, including a man in a cowboy hat. We kept hearing a very loud mewing, and Shelly went to investigate. There was a small little box near the door so many shells carefully opened it. She got a very soft look on his face, and brought the case to me. Inside is a Tiny American Shorthair kitten, gray, black and silver with a pure white underbelly. Finally shelter opened. Even the kitten is exactly what I would expect to find, I took a look around and the cats and kittens in shelters. However, he has stolen my heart. He was about five weeks old. I named her Magic because he appeared out of nowhere in a box.

I have NO is such a naughty, naughty cat! My god, but he is the duration a marathon runner. When my assistant is making me chicken for dinner, Magic SA meowing his head off the table. Good heavens! And when I was actually eating my dinner, he kept jumping up on a stool, and then in my chair, and trying to flog some chicken! Luckily he was small enough that I can choose her up on the one hand, and set her on the floor! We have repeated this many times, such as Annie Sullivan trying to get Helen Keller to use equipment when He ate, in the end I was exhausted! Tina and I looked at each other like, oh boy, what did we get?

I have an old computer monitor and 90 lbs distribute Magic above, fascinated by the fish swimming in my screensaver. She also loved to sleep on my lap that I worked with email or letter. Big mistake! That is fine when he was a young kitten, but as he grew to £ 12, and no sleep, but constantly tried to suck on my shirt, arms and licked me endlessly, I know I had to try to break him of it. So I thought I'd get her a little friend.

I found a young brown and orange kitty to Petfood Express pet adoption day. His name is yellow. I was on my scooter large power, to rescue the group gave me a plastic crate that they carry in yellow, and I put her between my feet on the floor scooter. Weak yellow, he did not understand what was happening, as we slowly walked home, talking her soothingly. We finally made it back to my apartment, and put the crate down so the cats can smell each other.

At last I opened the door and he Shot out like bats from hell, and jumped up on the top shelf in my closet. The shelter told me that he'd be in the shelter for four months and that he is very happy, but would need time to adjust. It took about a year of being very patient and nice to him to help her realize that she came to his house forever.

My girls are as different as night and day. Magic may be said that the "problem child", and yellow is my little angel. They have different likes and dislikes when it comes to toys, food, and need love from me.

Sometimes, those of us who can not afford the services of an animal communicator scratch our heads and wander around in our heads trying to figure out why our pets the way they behave. The latest incident baffled me.

Recently, we have moved to a new place, I went out and got a beautiful, soft bed for them, I opened it up, and even anything you want to do with it. I figured it smelled funny to them, so I put it on the porch to air out. Brought it back after a week, but they still rejected it. We put catnip, but nothing doing! Marigold seems afraid to walk on very soft inside. So we thought, oh maybe it's too soft. Magic wanted to get into it, but kept sniffing it. So after I had the idea of putting an old towel this surface.

Old towel did the trick, and now the cats use the same bed. So, I went and got a second new bed, and put an old towel over it, and marigold accepted it immediately. bed that was in my living room couch. Marigold loves to lay there at night while I watch TV. To this day, marigold is very sweet and loving. He would love to play! Sometimes he likes to follow a wand toy, but mostly he prefers playing by himself. He is the sweetest sound when he performs in the living room: it was like OH! OH! OH! OOHH! OH OH! When I hear his sound, I feel wonderful vivacity fill my heart, I feel joyous and know how much he loves his toys! I can not even describe the emotion I feel when I hear the sound.

Magic marigold and accept each other, and sometimes have fun chasing each other around the house. Magic often pushes the limits of the patience marigold, marigold and sometimes scratch He nose. Mostly he figures it's not worth fighting over who sits where.

I love them both so much!

About the Author

Tamar Mag Raine has cerebral palsy as well as various types of degenerative joint diseases. She uses the computer to paint as well as write. Tamar sits on the Oakland Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities. She has been a mentor to many people with disabilities, young and old alike. Her favorite season is Fall,she enjoys running through the leaves in her wheelchair relishing the crunchy sounds. View her art:*

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