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The M1 Features Push Golf trolley

The M1 Push Golf Trolley is the finest deal for your best golf cart. This golf trolley comes complete with a wide range of functions that can absolutely get a sense of enjoying golfer. Many of the special features of the hottest Push Golf trolley has recently spelled out within this article.

Listed below are some common features of this golf trolley;

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Extra space for all your stuff

This recent golf trolley is offered by using a very wide pattern in order to serve all of your cart and stand bags as well.

Excess weight free trolley

trolley that It is specifically made out of light weight aluminum mandrel customer lines usually offer you a real free weight golf trolleys.

Simply fold system

The M1 golf trolley was developed by using a comfortable retract system which consists of the recently created for hard flip and storage. Flipping any incorporated most of which you need to withdraw the entire cart in an effortless action. It is given by using a minimum folded up for effortless transport.

Traction intelligent design

Any lot of interest contains recently offered about the pattern of extender for golf carts. It is set with a clean ball wheels added commonly displays offer lowered going resistance.

Multi-functional Storage System

The predominant trolley then shows the supremacy within methods of storage too. The trolley is imparted through the use of a multi-function storage scheme incorporated that includes a golf ball, tee, report card case and pencil / pen case with the bad weather protector.

The trolley is furthermore furnished with an effortless access storage bin for rubbish tips, range finders and shed.

Surprisingly, a pair of quick-access slots the ball is provided within this collection issues that can provide missing in the balls!

Remaining hardware structure

The golf trolley is situated outside of stainless steel parts with tri color mode. In addition, the nature of any soft grip handle and top variable.
Sure safety technology

Personality A major safety preventative measures, Push Golf trolley is set by using a foot operated brake system that keeps your bags and carts also inclines
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