Kitty Teddy

Kitty Teddy
Kitty Teddy

Grounds To Train For Level 30-88 + On Maplestory

When you practice Maplesstory, choose the right fence will help you to save much time level quick and can make more mesos in the game!
Level 30-34: Train where you have trained before. Ant tunnel will be a good choice and so is Land Wild Boars II (Not Land of Wild Boars, Jr. Boogies will give you too much trouble). Jr Sentinels and green and horned mushroom tree dungeons at Ellinia is profitable alternatives. Resting Spot fish is not a bad choice as well. Can also butcher the roosters and ducks in Shanghai sometimes you can kill them in one of Magic nails of each chicken.

Level 35-39: Go kill Cellions Sakura. They are awesome training. They give a lot of money too. Ice mages can now go Fire Boars killed with ease, to make it to Burnt Land I or II. They can also go to the Sand Castle Flower playground to train fish if they want. Lightning now is still too weak for your purposes, so boars are a good source of exp and money for now (use the magic nails, not lit!). Lightning mages can also stretch to Ratz sa Floor 100 of Helios Tower. Situated on a slide allows a rain down lightning while not getting hit.

If you start in Lightning, you can also keep this level 15 when you reach level 35 (assuming you put 1 pt into teleport at level 30), and the train hamsters to 99 floor of Helios tower. It is a lightning wizards' fastest EXP get up to at least level 55, if you work it correctly. (That compares to around level 50, better to kill 4 Retz 78XP per every 6 seconds, than 1 fire drake 220 EXP each, and Retz spawn en-masse in an area, while larger rarer Monsters such as Fire Drakes need to travel ... and suffer multiple injuries). Then just work the Retz until you get enough points to be stored (save at least 9) to raise the level of 24 Lightning from 15.

This is due to spell doubles the cost 20-40, at spell level 16, making it very hard on your potions. Lightning at about level 24, increasing damage should be worth the doubling of the MP, but if you are unsure, you can wait until you get 12 skill points. It is also very safe to train sa Retz because you can not get hit unless you are grabbing loot. You can probably get 2-3 levels a day in the low level of experience in this way if you're a hardcore grinder.

If you are careful with your lightning mob of at least 4 Retz each cast, and take all the loot and bones, you should at least break-even mesos / potion use, unlike lorangs, which will drain your mesos like water ...

Note: Black Ratz is also a good alternative, to 70 EXP per kill and the fact that it is easier to kill then Retz might be more useful to kill them instead.

Level 40-49: If you're an ice mage, who is now a good time to move up to JR Cellions (the red kitties) in Ossyria, and Fire boar is a solid (but more rewarding) alternatives. You can also train cellions cherry blossom they are very rewarding. They give a lot of exp and money. Thunder Mages will be considered Lorang, can also train on the JR Cellions or if Lorang Grupin costs too much money. You're going to lose money in the pot wherever you go anyway, unless you make the hamsters, so why not lose it in the Monsters provides good exp and decent drops? Clerical party with the Hot Sands sometimes If you're feeling bored.
Note: for lightning mages, 78 EXP Retz is much faster than the lorangs EXP, as they spawn in mobs, and travel time is reduced to near nothing. It is strongly advised to continue working Retz unless you are really bored. If your ice is maxed, and you're a hybrid, but difficult, not to train Retz, go kill fire boars or Jr Kitties for safe, fast strip until you get enough mesos to have a good stock of potions. Unless you are more concerned with getting rich (item drops) as opposed to leveling fast, Retz-mobbing is highly recommended, and thus Hybrids / lit mages have a huge advantage over those who did not raise the Lightning until after meditation.

If you started with pellets and are hybridizing, continue to practice fire boars and Jr. Kitties lightning up above your level 15 and around 45 experience level. (By assuming you are becoming a hybrid). Then use the same advice as above, for Retz in Helios tower. Being a hybrid is strongly advised, as the working Retz allows you to level as fast, or faster, than any other class for now. (Yes, that includes group).

Time to go to Monster Carnival! Have more information about Monster Carnival Party Quests section. Monster Carnival is excellent training for Level 40 ~ 50 (but you can enter when you are Level 30)

To think: 30000exp sa 10 minutes! But only if you win and you get rank A. If you are a lit mage, you can do Retz too, because you are not much help at carnival (For those people who keeps changing it, stop changing it!) Only if you've got lightning bolt.

Maple coins are wanted, they can be found by Monsters rarely find a carnival party. You can get an Arc Staff (Level 45 staff) (20a) coin, Cromi (Level 48 wand) (20a) coins, or even famous Speigelmann's necklace! (Gives +1 STR, +1 Dex, +1 Int and Luk 1) (50 coins) from Spiegelmann.

Note: The Robos is really annoying, because They are strong against ice. Let some other people like the team that killed robos. If you just do not want to see it, try going to the room 1 or 2. You did not see it unless someone calls them.

Level 50-59: If you have both Ice and Lights, Hot Sands has a very good choice. Just Ice, Red Drake should now be what you practice (you could also go for Cellions and Red Drakes Lioners hurt if too much), while there is only lit, Retz is still your best bet right now, even if you are earning less than 0.01% exp per kill, mobbing them, you should each level of 6-8 hours until you reach level 55. Sands transferred to hot if you go to med pellets after, when you have ice on 15 levels. With the new land release, lot on The Road of Chronos Time is also a good choice. Many still recommend Lorangs, but since the travel time required (lots of walking), plus the damage always do, hamsters are your best choice if you want to get mesos. You must be level 3-4x as fast as you want in Retz Lorangs. Around level 55, you might also consider drakes food table as a decent training area. exp is better overall then Retz, you get 85 + sometimes a 240 times exp 6 seconds or 135 6 times a few seconds. The drop is also noteworthy, as the cargo's wild sometimes drop Toby, and Drakes kumbi's quite often. The only major drawback of the area it is that it drains meso's. Especially in magic guard on, which is a must since cargo's around I 300 injuries. Expect to earn half of what need for potions. (For lightning wizards) Try going to room with roids and neohuroids Magatia, known as C-2. It has a lot of Monsters, and can to mob them on the edge of the map where there is a safe place to zap them with lightning.
Level 60 -69: Cellions, Lioners, Red Drakes, Hot Sands, Helios Tower, the old spot. You can try to train buffoons if you want, but that's not usually a good idea. If you're not so obsessed with the Holocaust, some electrifying subject. Yetis may not be a bad idea, as there are freezing up several hectors and zombies.
Level 70-75: Same old, same old. Zombies, Hot Sands, Red Drakes. Buffoons may be more practical to hunt right now, but there is not much change in training. If you still do RETZ, you must be a masochist:)
Level 76-83: IS mages can start killing teddies death now, because there are some sniping point where you can hit them worrying about getting hit. It was not great in your wallet, but it is very fast training. If you need money, Zombies are your friends again. Can also try buffoons. Comp Mages should just stay on Zombies or buffoons now.
Level 83-88: IS mages got some options now. Bains is a pain to get to and have not many sniping spots, but they do not like Death teddies with more money, even if the map is not pure poison Bains and geysers are annoying. Death teddies is as good as always. If you think in bold, you can try the Vikings. Comp mages should probably go for now Bains, Vikings or if you are bold.
Level 88 +: Vikings are a good target. JMSers can possibly go for Bains • Weapon Storage (map after Anego), or try to give good Kentauruses exp Leafre (although I'm not sure about their spawns).
Thanks for your reading, hope it can give you some help with traing your character in Maplestory!

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Kitty and Teddy

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