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New Anime in 2010

Anime is an obsession in Japan. The outside world knows anime as Japanese animation, but for fanatics among us to enjoy it, it is way more animation. Including Manga, Anime is from its modest beginnings to become a multi billion dollar industry. Anime is brought U.S. super hits like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon which are appreciated everywhere.

Here are some Anime's to watch out for in 2010:

ÅŒkami-san Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (July 1)

A love comedy parodying classics such as Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Ookami Ryoko is an uber cool high school girl. With his partner, Akai Ringo, he is a part of a "fixer" club known as Otogi High School Bank fixes problems school.

Neko Mayoi spread! (April 6)

Takumi Tsuzuki is a boy who stays with his step-sister, Otome. Otome manages the old grocery store called stray Cats and one day, picks up a mysterious magical girl from streets.

High school of the dead (July 5)

A Manga adaptation based on a group of Japanese students entangled in a statement Zombie

KissÃ-sis (April 5)

Keita is has two older step-sisters, I and Rico, who lure him into a selfish way. After a misunderstanding at school, I and Rico admit their love to him. Keita was initially outraged, but as he attempts to enter the same school as her sisters, she gets attracting them.

Freak Academy (July)

Maya is the daughter of a Former principal of a private Japanese keep academic instruction, who died in 1999, and a time travel agent Uchida, who traveled back in time from 2012.

Myths of legendary heroes (July 1)

Raina Lute is a laidback student Roland Empire's Royal Magician's school. The Empire was forced Roland a war against a neighboring country Estaboole, and she loses her classmates. After the war, Lute set out on a journey to search for the remains of a "legendary Hero "in the Emperor's command, only to realize that a deadly curse is spreading through the continent.

Asobi of Iku yo! (July 7)

Kakazu Kio is a high school freshman living in Okinawa, while attending a memorial service for an ancestor of the family is approached by a mysterious young woman with cat ears who introduces himself as Eris and claims to be a foreigner.

Tatami Galaxy (April 22)

When a college dropout stop for a late night, he meets a self-declared god of marriage. It was strange meeting causes a terrifying flashback, one that he was trying to forget.

Nurarihyon no magician (July)

Rikuo Nura, was part of the human 3 and 1 / 4 demon, living in a house of his grandfather's spirit in the current race head youkai Nura. Rikou the next head of the tribe and its path to it with those who want him to fall.

K-ON (April 6)

This is the last year high school for Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka, Akiyama Mio, and the founder of Kotobuki Tsumugi Light Music Club. Included in their junior Azusa Nakano, they spend their day after school music room enjoying snacks, training and music.


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New Anime in 2010!!

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