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The number of anime and manga related media websites are growing more and more each year. However, it seems that Each individual site contains a variety of aspects. There could be a site that caters to a lot of anime streaming, with no downloads and links poor care. Most of time the website is also very cluttered and difficult to navigate, with many pop-ups from appearing on your screen. A large of websites that serve Bleach or Naruto on streaming alone never seems to have good link or care of multiple video sources so that users do not have to skip a new website.

Do I just found this new website called Narutophoenix and the owner has taken his time to include every episode from both series, each movie, ova, and even an online manga reader for reading each chapter online. The good episodes are lined out on their own pages. Navigation while watching videos are also great. They have kept the button you can click to alternate with episodes or you can click on the Episodes link on top of each video to see list again. And unlike most other sites, this one has multiple video sources and video links are repaired broken almost as soon as it is reported. All you need to do to report a broken video link just click the text on top of each page and it will create a small pop-up for you to specify the exact video is broken. When I reported a broken link, I checked back to find a new video works and two additional sources for this episode.

Also a very active chat feature in the sidebar and under manga reader for users to talk about while they watch Naruto or read the media. The website itself is very simple and clean and you can tell it was designed to try to not be cluttered all like most others. They have a really cool website too with partner a large database of direct download for anime, manga, and such.

It is up to each episode and manga releases every morning getting ready to chat feature to put new releases on their site the minute they are available. He also recently assured us that every video is subtitled with Japanese audio English. The admin said is increasing every dubbed Naruto and Naruto Shippuden episode, film, and ova as well as within the next month or so. The admin also said he is working on a way for users to submit their own video stream and download link which is great!

All in all, Narutophoenix looks like a cool new, free website and I think I will continue to stick to it as the website is always improving itself. Oh, they also have a sister site Bleach only was also released called Bleachphoenix. These are all the same things, only for Bleach instead. Now that I shared it, I go off to watch more old-school Naruto!

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Josh Hatfield is an internet entrepreneur who loves watching and reading the latest

Bleach Manga 407 (419) : Deicide 9 [1080p] English

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