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Car Hire Murcia Airport Murcia Where

Murcia San Javier Airport is located in the North West of La Manga approximately 20 minutes drive by rental car. For the drive from Alicante Murcia airport takes approximately 40 minutes.

The past few years there is a vast increase in the number of commuters using The airport, Murcia saw a 22 percent increase in the number of passengers passing through the airport between 2006 and 2007, they are especially passenger from the UK. But the airport has taken all necessary steps to accommodate the influx of travelers. Property owners and holiday makers alike are now enjoying the comfort that the Murcia Airport offers.

The Airport is located just outside of Murcia City, approximately a 10 minute drive, making any additions going for possible deployment. In 2006 the recent temporary modernisations and expansions are done adding more than 1000 square meters in the former area, the number the check-in desks will be doubled, and two new baggage claim carrousels was added as well as offices for the four new rental car companies.

Then 2000000 passengers traveled though Murcia San Javier airport last year for a permanent expansion of the terminal is considered vital. In July of this year work started. The Euro 266 million development is due to be completed in 2010 Murcia airport and make the most suitable and convenient for anyone visiting La Manga.

Although a hire car is not essential around La Manga Club it can offer more freedom than having to use busses and taxis during your stay, not to mention hire a car you can explore the local Spanish towns and villages and Murcia. See our guide to The Top 5 Places to Visit Around Murcia.

Many low cost airlines are now flying to Murcia airport San Javier includes Ryan Air, Easy Jet, My Travel Lite, Monarch, BMI baby and jet2. Ryan Air alone gives around five flights a day to Murcia from Stanstead and other regional airports.

Murcia airport is still boast extremely easy access and a quick service even if the complex. The car collection point is still within a short walk from the terminal, and almost all the larger rental car companies have office on site at Murcia airport.

Murcia airport is located so conveniently close to La Manga has to be a first choice to anyone on holiday or staying at their resort property. Excellent transport links make hiring a car here is a very sensible option. Murcia leaving the A-30 is a fast and direct route a good road that will take you to La Manga resort.

When it comes to urban sprawl and development compared to the Costa Calida Costa Blanca or Costa Almeria is relatively untouched, but where the building has taken place major consideration in planning is no guarantee the resorts will be constructed in harmony with nature characteristics of the area.

Attractive forests, golden beaches and crystal blue-green sea, have all been conserved to maintain the original attractive the charm of the place. Calblanque the country park remains one of the least disturbed areas of soil conservation, and it will stay there protected for future generations to enjoy. Recently the World Health Organization decreed Murcia Province the cleanest in Spain.

It's well worth considering by this travel rental car you can do with the outstanding natural beauty of the Costa Calida at your own pace. Sample twisting scenic coastal road, and reach the cities and villages of the region that might otherwise be missed.

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A Car Hire Murcia is the perfect way to explore the region. With so many interesting places to discover a Car Hire Spain is the recommended and most cost effective transport option

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