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The Best Restaurants at La Manga Club

La Manga Club offers a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bars to meet the needs each visitor. Restaurants at La Manga Club include many international as well as local delights. Over 25 restaurants and bars can be enjoyed at any given time.

Brief Overview of La Manga Club's Delis and cafes

Deli cafe
Located at Hyatt Las Lomas Village, the Deli Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Deli Cafe serves a variety of light snacks in addition to whole foods. The terrace offers a great view of others other areas of the resort. Nearby, you can browse the mini-market and DVD rentals.

Tie Break
Tie Break is located at the Tennis Center and provides a good place to relax and rejuvenate after a game. Tie Break will not serve dinner, just breakfast and lunch for those who enjoy being on the go.

Bar 37
Bar 37 serves breakfast and lunch at the Club House, near the golf course. Sometimes referred to as La Manga Club's museum of golfing history, golfers enjoy a light meal or snack while equally enjoying the view of the golf course.

West Clubhouse
The terrace at the West Clubhouse serves breakfast and lunch. Located in West Course, West Clubhouse is a great place for golfers to enjoy breakfast or lunch after a game of golf.

The Piano Bar
Located in the Hyatt Regency La Manga, The Piano Bar offers a sophisticated place to relax and take in the music. No visitors under the age of 18 is allowed after midnight. The dress code provides a stylish location to enjoy cocktails and the popular sport of people watching.

It is a sports paradise enthusiast's. Mulligan's is modeled after a traditional pub and provides a giant television shows and sporting events only. It is located La Plaza.

The Sniper
It is primarily a sports bar that offers a variety of international drinks and snacks. The Sportsman is located Bellaluz Square.

Sol y Sombra
Conveniently located near the pool and 18th green overlooking the North Course's, Sol y Sombra is a great place for family. This is a seasonal terrace lunch.

Brief Overview of Restaurants in La Manga Club

Restaurant poppy
Located in Hyatt Regency La Manga Hotel, Amapola Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seating includes two private dining rooms and a beautiful terrace that overlooks the golf course.

India Restaurant
India Restaurant is open for dinner only. Located at Hyatt Las Lomas Village, Indian cuisine can be enjoyed in a sophisticated, contemporary setting overlooking amazing panoramic views.

Asia Restaurant
Open for dinner only, Asia Restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetarian food as well as many other authentic Asian dishes. Asia Restaurant is located at Las Sabinas.

Andale Mexican Restaurant
Three private dining rooms and a friendly atmosphere await the finding of true Mexican cuisine. Andale Mexican Restaurant is located at the Tennis Center.

Pastas, large pizzas and other Italian dishes are available at Luigi's at the Hyatt Las Lomas Village. Open for dinner only, the restaurant offers two private dining rooms and great Italian atmosphere.

La Bodega
La Bodega, located in La Plaza, boasts the finest Spanish wines. It is located in La Manga club.

La Cala
Overlooking the lovely Mediterranean landscape, La Cala is open seasonally for lunch and dinner. Enjoy the view of a good glass of wine.

El Bistro
One of the many family-friendly restaurants in La Manga Club, El Bistro offers daily specials centered on receiving a great value for money. Located in Bella Luz, El Bistro is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Uncle Sam's
This aptly named American-style restaurant offers great rock and roll music, 1950's memorabilia and American food. Open for dinner only, Uncle Sam's is located at La Plaza.

While the light room is very popular in La Manga Club, larger restaurants are also very popular. Conveniently located near all the attractions in La Manga Club or in the hotels themselves, the different types of food draw visitors from near and far.

Many restaurants offer the ability to make reservations both over the phone and online. Reservations are not necessary, but can help you get seated faster. Either way, you're sure to enjoy your dining experience at La Manga.

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The La Manga Club Resort the perfect resort for your Holidays in Spain set on 1500 acres of breathtaking Spanish countryside

La Manga Club offers golf, tennis, horse riding, water sports, childrens club etc if you would like to receive the free La Manga Resort Guide please visit the website.

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