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Things to Do in La Manga

Are you looking for the perfect beach holiday along the Mediterranean Sea? Then consider a trip to La Manga del Mar Minor, resort town located near Murcia, Spain with a long piece of land approximately 21 kilometers long and 300 meters wide. The southern end of Costa Blanca, La Manga separates from the Mediterranean Sea to Mar Minor. With its ideal location in La Manga offers a wealth of things to do on your vacation.

La Manga has a variety of hotels, museums, shops and bars, including more than 40 kilometers of beaches. It also offers fine dining and family fun with its many annual visitors and has something for everyone.

Due to Mar Minor and the Mediterranean is as ideal location for water sports, it's no surprise that La Manga was home to many fun Li In fact, La Manga del Mar Lesser translates to "The sleeve of the Minor Sea." Mar Minor is the largest saltwater lake in Europe. It is ideal for all types of water sports because the average is only 3.5 meters deep, with a maximum depth of 6.5 meters. It was reported that the water has healing properties and is good for the skin. Locals say the water feels like a warm bath and helps to heal aches and pains.

Mar Lesser big time and consistent water temperature has earned the area the nation's first recognition as a "Nautica estacion," or "nautical resort." Sailing, deep sea fishing, kayaking, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing and windsurfing are all very popular activities along the beautiful beaches of La Manga. With a average of 315 days of sunshine a year, it is no wonder that water sports are such a popular local entertainment. Besides water sports, La Manga is one of the best tennis center in Europe, as well as the equestrian center, spa facilities and lush tropical garden.

Travelers should note that some of dining and nightlife in La Manga can be rather rich, but world-class food and fun are well worth the price tag. One of the most popular nightlife options La Manga is the local casino. Other options exist for almost every budget. The evening action in the region of La Manga Zoco is especially popular among young adults, such as three city's open-air cinemas and the La Manga strip.

L Manga is home to three 18-hole, championship golf courses to cater to golf enthusiasts year-round. If you looking for day trips from La Manga, the capital of the province of Murcia is about 70 kilometers away. It is rich in history, offers visitors museums, monuments, historic architecture and a beautiful cathedral.

La Manga boasts near-perfect weather. It is so ideal that the World Health Organization has declared La Manga is one of the healthiest climates in the world. Many travelers love the region and its health benefits so much that they decide to La Manga make their permanent homes. So if you are traveling to enjoy its beaches, its culture or its many other offerings, you're sure to enjoy your holiday in La Manga.

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The La Manga Club Resort is the perfect resort location for your Holidays in Spain set on 1500 acres of breathtaking Spanish countryside.

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