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Activities in La Manga and its environs

Something about a Spanish holiday at La Manga is that there is never a shortage of things to do. Activities in La Manga run the gamut from the quiet of the red-hot with excitement. It all depends on your mood each particular today. La Manga Spain and in general offer much to travelers seeking leisure in the day and more on a Spanish holiday.

La Manga, the Spanish in the region of Murcia, is a slice of land 28 kilometers long. It separates from the Mediterranean sea area called Lesser March.

While on a Spanish holiday La Manga, you can check out Murcia and its history of bullfighting. Murcia you can catch the thrilling bullfighting spectacles. In fact, Murcia is the Home of Bullfighting Museum of Murcia. A trip to a bullfight in Murcia will take you to the Murcia Bullring on Ronda de Garay. This is a unique place, and many tourists visit at least once just to say they witnessed an exotic bullfighting experience.

Exploring activities in La Manga and the surrounding area would not be complete without investigating the culture preserved in galleries and museums. When enjoying a stay in La Manga, you can check out the Ceutimagina Science and Art Center. It is located in Ceuti, near Murcia at the La Manga resort area. Ceutimagina Science and Art Center presentation of art will include works by Goya and Salvador Inches. You can also visit the Ethnological Museum of the Huerta. The museum exhibits the popular traditions and arts of the region of Murcia. It is a place to learn more about everyday way of life in this Spanish region.

Outdoor activities in La Manga can include peaceful and relaxing in the wake of the surrounding landscape. A good place for walking Calblanque Nature Reserve. The regional park is a protected environment. This walking area includes sandy beaches, hills, cliffs and salt flats. It boasts established walking trails. For leisurely waterside walks, Calblanque has long beaches and offers guests the opportunity to see different types of animals. It is even an area designated for camping.

Close to La Manga resort region is the Sierra de Espuna National Park in Murcia. This is an area suitable for rock climbing and horseback riding. The walk on this path national parks allow for traversing across ridges and provide repair the whole countryside views.

Other outdoor activities to partake in La Manga is tennis, go-karting and golfing. Of course, there are the myriad of water sports to enjoy, such as water skiing, wind surfing, jet skiing and scuba diving. At the end of the day, there's also plain old refreshing swimming in your villa, apartment or luxury resort private pool.

Activities in La Manga also includes various festivals in the region's. Festivals in La Manga and the Murcian region continue year round. Select a month and there are sure some kind of festival to suit your interests. A prominent event is the Las Minas Flamenco Song Festival. Another is the International Festival de Mediterranean legend, which takes place over three days each September. Another wonderful festival is the International Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance.

A Spanish holiday at La Manga offers a traveler access to all that goes on in the Murcia region. Of course, there's always the sea, including siestas. However, all that, there's always time for a museum or art gallery in the region and any one of a number of area festivals. There are numerous sports activities too. It's your call while you venture out from your apartment, villa or luxury resort accommodation to try some of the activities in La Manga and its environs.

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