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XIII (Thirteen) is a Franco-Belgian comics series written and drawn by Jean Van Hamme Belgians and William Vance, revolving around an amnesiac protagonist who seeks to discover his concealed past. With its plot inspired by Robert Ludlum's book The Bourne Identity, [1] XIII was initially serialized in 1984 in Spirou, and later published by Dargaud. In 2003, The storyline of the first five volumes are based on a video game, also titled XIII, who was released on several platforms. The TV miniseries XIII Starring Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff were released in 2008.

Only the first three volumes were translated into English for the first run in 1989 by Catalan Communications. In 2005, Alias Comics started publishing it as a monthly comics edited for U.S. audiences, but stopped after 5 issues. In 2007, Dabel Brothers Productions along with Marvel Comics published an uncensored XIII Volume 1 TP Collecting the first three albums, and issue # 6 previously released free online. [2] titles in English translation below the original the title, and may change for the actual album if and when they are released in English.

Most volumes consisting of three individual issues During the first run, not otherwise named or number.

  1. The Day of Black Sun, 1984 (Le jour du Soleil white) ISBN 0-87416-061-8
  2. Goes where the Indian, 1985 (La ou va l'Indien ...) ISBN 0-87416-081-2
  3. All Tears of Hell, 1986 (Toutes les Larmes de l'Enfer) ISBN 0-87416-092-8
  4. SPADS, 1987 (SPADS) ISBN 0-87416-130-4
  5. Red Alert, 1988 (Rouge Total "Full Red Alert")
  6. The Jason Fly File, 1989 (Le case Jason Fly)
  7. The night of August 3, 1990 (La Nuit du 3 aout)
  8. Thirteen Against One, 1991 (Treize Contre Un)
  9. For Maria, 1992 (pour Mary)
  10. El Cascador, 1994 (El Cascador)
  11. Three Silver Watches, 1995 (Trois Montres d'silver)
  12. The Viewpoint, 1997 (Le Jugement)
  13. XIII the mystery: The inquiry, 1999 (L'Enquête)
  14. Danger to the State, 2000 (Secret defense, "Top Secret")
  15. Unleash the Dogs!, 2002 (Lâchez les Chiens!)
  16. Operation Montechristo, 2004 (operations Montechristo)
  17. Maximilian's Gold, 2005 (L'or de Maximilien)
  18. The Irish Version (La Irlandaise Version), November 2007, drawn by Jean Giraud, to accompany The Last Round [3]
  19. The Last Round, November 2007 (Le latter Round). Last one this cycle

[Edit] storyline

XIII chronicles the adventures of a man, dubbed "XIII", in memory loss searching for his past, and a group of his friends are trying to solve the mystery of his identity, which is sa tangled conspiracies, secrets, and that the execution of killers him.

[Edit] Volume 1-5

The series begins with a man washing up on a coast to Peacock Bay on the East Coast of the United States, suffering from sa amnesia, and only the tattoo "XIII" on his collarbone to link him to his past. Volumes one through five deal with 'XIII' searching for his identity and his past, only to find himself confronting the "conspiracy of the XX" which is aimed at a coup d'état in the United States. They form a closed story arc, ending with the destruction of "XX".

The first volume, washes XIII the beach and soon finds himself hunted by assassins for reasons unknown to him. He manages to escape them and collect a picture of himself in the company of a woman, developed by a photo shop in the city of Eastown. XIII departs sa Eastown, where he identifies the female the picture as Kim Rowland, widow of U.S. Army Captain Steve Rowland. Kim Rowland's going to address, XIII finds a hidden message left by Kim says that a man nicknamed "the mongoose" has found its track and that he will wait for XIII "which goes Indian. Once again hunted by the killers, XIII were rescued by Colonel Amos, a government agent investigating the murder of U.S. President William Sheridan. Colonel Amos is a video footage showing XIII killing the President and so make sure he had caught the murderer, but he still ignores her true identity. XIII manages to escape, and his run, was confronted by the mongoose, the chief of killers hunting XIII.

On the second volume, XIII's search for Rowland Kim leads His capture by army General Carrington, known as the XIII Steve Rowland, Rowland Kim's wife and former member of a special operations unit called that SPADS (Special Assault and destroying sections) and Carrington made mandatory when Rowland was killed as a helicopter crash two years before. "Rowland" is returned in his home by Southbourg Carrington's second, Lieutenant Jones. While his father, Jérémie Rowland, a wealthy landowner, and others other relatives express no doubt about his identity, XIII was disappointed not to find Kim there. Amos comes to meet XIII and still holds him as his prime suspect his fingerprints were found on sniper rifle shot to President Sheridan. But as XIII's amnesia prevents him to be any use to determine that there are sponsored Sheridan's assassination, Amos XIII lets go looking for Rowland Kim as she was hiding, he suspects he knows something important. XIII finally manages to find "where the Indian goes", but was tricked by small Jérémie Rowland's wife Felicity. Jérémie kills Felicity Rowland and Steve's uncle Matt, implicating XIII for the murders, with the aim to inherit a fortune Jeremy. XIII however escapes the police Carrington and Lieutenant Jones' help, and meet with Kim on his wall. Kim reveals to him she was tattooed as well, wearing the tattoo as xvii, he did not know the real name XIII, in fact not Steve Rowland. Kim disappears as XIII is arrested by the police, tried and found guilty for killing Rowlands, and sentenced to maximum security prisons.

The third volume XIII finds a facility for the criminally insane. Meanwhile Colonel Amos, pursuing its investigation, begin to realize that XIII is not Steve Rowland but a body double. He therefore assumes that Steve Rowland was actually killed in action and the plastic surgery endured XIII, assassinated President Sheridan, and tried mongoose to kill him to leave the investigators a body identified as Steve Rowland to drive the investigation to a dead end. Colonel Amos Carrington's aid request to identify people having trained as a top-level special operators and appropriate XIII's physique, with the aim to learn XIII's true identity. Carrington provides papers about 20 people, one of them, a Ross Tanner, was missing from last two years. Amos XIII decided to leave him in prison hands and was treated to disrupt its amnesia. The treatment failed, and the mongoose XIII tries to have killed in prison. To avoid mongoose's death, attempts XIII a parry that fails but Carrington Jones and the breakout rule XIII.

Volume four begins with Amos finding that Colonel Carrington Tanner invented identity, and suspects him to be part of the conspiracy to kill President Sheridan. XIII, under the name of Ross Tanner, was hidden by a Carrington training facility SPADS country fictitious San Miguel. Pursuing its check of files, Colonel Amos decides that the grave of a Jason Fly is indeed the body of the real Captain Steve Rowland, not killed in a helicopter crash two years before but with bullets shortly after the assassination of President Sheridan. Now assuming that Rowland is the real murderer, Amos was confused about the real role but exposes XIII Judge Allenby, who once identified a body in the helicopter crash that One of Rowland and now chief of the investigation, as one of the conspirators, wearing the number VI. Allenby Amos asks me the name of the Number of the conspiracy, but Allenby was killed mongoose's a killer who is about Amos killed when he was shot by Kim Rowland. Meanwhile, a woman named Betty SPADS sergeant reveals Barnowsky sa XIII he has seen once Steve Rowland sa Eastown after his alleged death in helicopter crash, along with Colonel Seymour SPADS Mac Ring, so exposed as members of the conspiracy. XIII, Barnowsky Jones and escape an assassination attempt by Colonel Mac Call, but lost to San Miguel end war.

Kim Rowland takes the FBI director Carl Amos and General Carrington Heideger reveal that after faking his death in helicopter crash, Steve Rowland contacted his wife Kim had her and members of the conspiracy. Kim, not sharing the ideology and conspiracy himself a former FBI agent, secretly prepared his former boss Heideger, who nevertheless is not to prevent the assassination of President Sheridan. Steve Rowland was shot by a mongoose in the end all investigations to uncover the conspiracy, bloody but he escaped and died shortly after telling Kim what happened. Carrington Heideger and then came up with a plan to make the conspiracy of the XX believe that Steve Rowland had survived to attract mongoose's killers hope to arrest them and follow their trail sa conspirators. They Wing Jason turned to Steve Rowland's double, but soon after he lost (he was shot, at this point lost his memory, which The story begins). Kim Rowland also revealed to be Carrington's daughter.

At the beginning of volume 5, XIII, Jones, and kidnap Barnowsky Marquis de Préseau, a wealthy landowner, to steal his jet to fly back to USA. Meanwhile Carrington and Heideger was arrested by the conspirators, as prepared them to take over the country during a large-scale military exercise. XIII and the women meet with Colonel Amos, giving them contact with Walter Sheridan, brother of assassinated President William Sheridan and his own candidate for president.

XIII Sheridan helps penetrate the military center operation, and with the President Galbrain government to stop the conspiracy at the last moment. The entire conspiracy, besides the famous Number, is killed or captured. Walter Sheridan was elected president. Rowland Kim remains missing for unknown reasons. At the end of the story arc XIII believes he has found his old identity as Jason Wing, and is prepared to continue his normal life, though her memory that have not been returned.

[Edit] volumes 6-8

In the following volumes the XIII takes up the investigation about his past. Six and seven volumes bring sa Greenfalls XIII, a snowy town in the Rocky Mountains, where the story revolves around the fate of his father in 1950's McCarthian. XIII learns that his father, Jonathan Wing, is the victim of the local Ku Klux Klan chapter, after they found the wing's real identity is Jonathan Mac Lane, a "red" journalists who had to flee after suffering under the McCarthy's witch hunt. The mongoose tracks still grace Jonathan XIII MacLane's assassins, but evades XIII finding people, get justice for the murder of his father and manages the arrest of the mongoose, which he reveals that I Number boat when he was shot in bullet XIII made amnesic, but not more information about Numbers I. The story ends and have a good idea that he finally found his true identity as Jason Mac Lane.

The amount of eight, was approached by XIII President of Sheridan to be a special agent, charged with finding still large Number I. The mongoose evades from custody. XIII track down Kim Rowland, he was guessing hides because he knows the identity of Number I. He discovered that one of the boats near the area where he found was Walter Sheridan's amnesic yachts. Meanwhile, Jones investigates further and discovers that Kim Rowland is a love affair with Sheridan and had children with her. After sending this information to XIII, they become convinced Wally Sheridan that is, in fact, Number, and used the conspiracy of the XX to have killed his brother and later the conspiracy exposed himself become president. Walter Sheridan was the son kidnapped force Kim to marry Steve Rowland, the report Heideger conspiracy to betray Jason Wing / Mac Lane when Heideger's plan threatened to expose him as the Number I and he was trapped in his yacht where he was shot by a mongoose. After trying to release Kim Rowland from an island where They think he is far, XIII and Jones, along with Kim, mongoose caught in Sheridan's yacht, and it explodes. XIII only manages to rescue Jones and Kim Rowland is Lost and presumed dead.

XIII finally face Walter Sheridan, exposed as Number XIII but I was not any evidence or witnesses against him. Sheridan did not try to assassinate XIII to avoid a new investigation that could lead to expose him, and XIII and Jones left the country.

[Edit] Volumes 9-12

Volumes of the following actions take place in and around the Costa Verde, a small fictional country in Central America where XIII is led to believe he once led a revolution under the identity of "El Cascador", although El Cascador seems dead. XIII gets involved in the revolutionary Maria de los Santos, who claims to have been his wife. During the 10th episode, after freeing her from a prison where he was awaiting execution, she confirms her to be his wife.

During the revolution XIII meet up with Irish-American expat Sean Mullway, who claimed to be true XIII's father. However, he also confirms XIII's identity as Jason Mac Lane. The history of Irish descent XIII is revealed, and XIII learns that his mother was the sister of Giordino, His victim accidentally. The Giordino is revealed as a Mafia family. At the end of the volume, XIII has offered amnesty by the American ambassador, explaining the XIII's help is needed: Carrington is apparently gone crazy.

12th volume XIII, bad American president Sheridan is kidnapped by General Carrington who has learned that Sheridan ordered his daughter Kim's death. Carrington and Amos with XIII and Jones get the mongoose to get more evidence against Sheridan. In a televised "trial" Sheridan was revealed to the American public as the accomplice, with XIII and the mongoose testifying. Event results NSA Giordino director accidentally kills Sheridan, Sheridan then turned the mongoose.

Volume 13 (XIII) is a special issue, which two journalists trace the first 12 issues, clarifying and expanding the storyline.

[Edit] volumes 14-19

While in exile in Costa Verde, XIII Mullway and his father decide to attempt to find a treasure hidden somewhere in Mexico by their ancestors. Giordino, meanwhile, fabricates evidence XIII revealing as Seamus O'Neill, an operative trained Ira under Fidel Castro. As O'Neill, XIII is wanted by the USA, but again manages to escape. He also survives an assassination by Irina Svetlanova, who took over the mongoose's operations. After many setbacks treasure is found, then is lost again. Meanwhile Giordino finally removed from office by the new President, with evidence received from the XIII and Mullway Giordino as revealing not only connected sa Mafia, but also as the real killer of Walter Sheridan.

Volumes 18 and 19 is the last album, written by Van Hamme. Volume 18 The Irish Version was drawn by Jean Giraud otherwise known as Mœbius. [3] This number as a story within the story, and is defined as part of the plot volume 19 The Last Round. This story is the prequel to the first story arc, and finally solves all the mysteries surrounding XIII's identity.

[Edit] popularity

First released in 1984 as a serial in the popular Belgian magazine Spirou, XIII is an instant hit with readers Spirou. The first three episodes were released as a single volume hardback by Dargaud the same year, continuing a trend for later issues. By during the 8 issue, thirteen against one, sales have reached 140,000 hardback copies, and publishers realized belatedly that they had a bestseller on their hands. Promotion started, including a special drawing of the French national lottery in 2000 with 1,500,000 tickets and a € 13,000 grand prize.

[Edit] Influence

Also published in Spirou is the Soda series about a New York police. Published in a shot 1999, Dieu le seul site (only God knows), there is also the titular character losing his memory, though only for a short time. References to the number "13" and other series connections appear throughout the story.

Black Cat manga series, first published in 2000, is there are many similarities XIII. The main character, Train Heartnet, is known as Chronos Number XIII in his work as a broom or murderer. Train a failed mission in Bourne Identity-like fashion, winds up in conflict with Chronos, and should stop a massive conspiracy.

[Edit] Translations

Taal in French, XIII was simultaneously translated into Dutch, and translations in other languages like German, Polish and Italian quickly followed.

[Edit] In English

  • In 1989, XIII was first released in English as Code XIII, but after the first three volumes, completed publication in 1990 when the publisher (Catalan / Comcat) went out of business.
  • In 2005, Alias Comics started publishing the title as a series of the 32-page monthly comics edited for U.S. audiences. Five issues were released, but # 6 is "Cancelled by Publisher" in February 2006. [4] Each issue covered half of an album.
  • In 2006, the series went Dabel Brothers Productions. They were released the # 6 online for free, and the first 144-na page volume was released on February 7, 2007 in Marvel Comics, reprinting the first 3 albums.
  • Cinebook has chosen to release the entire series in English, and plans to publish all 19 books, at the rate of one every two months, starting in August 2010. [5]

[Edit] Other languages

[Edit] Portuguese

  • In 1988, began publication in Portugal XIII by Meribérica-Líber. The first three volumes were published over a two-year period, and the series was back in 1997 fourth album, after a seven-year hiatus. Meribérica published the first nine albums until it went out of business in 2004.
  • In 1990, Portuguese newspaper Público (Portugal) started publishing its Sunday supplement XIII 'Publico Junior '. Eventually, the first 3 books were published in this manner, new 'Publico Junior' has been discontinued in 1992.
  • In 2006, XIII was published in Brazil by Panini Comics. [6] XIII Panini is published as a monthly series, with two episodes on each issue. Previously available in Brazil Portuguese edition was published by Meribérica-Liber.

The first issue of The Day The Black Li was named O Dia do Sol Negro, the literal translation. The first issue also includes a second episode, named Onde Vai or Indio ... (Where is the Indian state), published to May 2006. All issues Brazilian consists of two albums, except for issue 7, which includes 13 original volume, a double-sized album alone.

[Edit] Serbian

  • In the 1980s the first 3 volumes of Super monthly magazine from the publisher Dečje Novine.
  • In 1990 the first 6 volumes in the monthly magazine from the publisher Gigant Dečje Novine. Throughout the decade "Politikin zabavnik" magazine also reprinted in almost every volume, as part of its segments coming.
  • 2002-2008, the first 18 volumes were published by Marketprint.

[Edit] Croatian

  • In the 1990s volume by 7 Bookglobe
  • # 1 in 2008 required by Bookglobe

[Edit] Tamil

Tamil, series will be released by Lion Comics in the name of "Iratha Padalam. In the near future, the company plans to release the 18 volumes in a book. [7] [8]

[Edit] Future

Jean Van Hamme has declared that he will continue to write the series, but William Vance was interested in continuing it to another writer. Yves Sente, who has taken over writing Thorgal from Van Hamme, is interested in continuing the series. He was contacted by William Vance and said he would propose a story on Van Hamme, but no agreement was reached yet. [9]

[Edit] spin-off

A separate comic mystery series called XIII, which follows and elaborates on some supporting characters from the comic series XIII, started by publisher Dargaud on October 3, 2008 release of the first issue, the mongoose. [10] On October 30, 2009 the second issue, Irina, was released. [11]

[Edit] Video Games

Main article: XIII (video game)

XIII was adapted as a 2003 video game released for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PC, and Apple Macintosh. The plot of the game is an adaption of the first five volumes of the comic series.

[Edit] Film

Main article: XIII (miniseries)

A 2-part TV mini-series XIII, called XIII: The Conspiracy starring Val Kilmer and Stephen and Dorff is shown in premium French television channel Canal + in October 2008. Has been shown in other territories in 2009 and is available on DVD.

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