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More than Meets the Eye: The Future of the transformer

With their unmistakable sound and electronic changing the tag line "Robots in disguise "from the 80s cartoon, it's hard to ignore the Tranformers. Like any true child of the 80s can tell you, the transformer is created by toy company Hasbro after meeting Takara (a Japanese toy company) at the Tokyo Toy Show in 1983. By combining Takara's toy lines Diaclone and Micro Change, Hasbro created a product line unlike any other. The first toy was released in the television series, and since then, nine different transformers toy line will hit the American market.

What Was. . .

The transformer's storyline at first is the Autobots (the hero of the story) Fighting the Decepticons (the ultimate villains) for control of Cybertron, their home planet. The latter left their homes in search of energy, which they found on Earth.

What. . .

The continuing popularity of this story line and the toys, producer Don Murphy is looking into the possibility of creating a live-action movie based on the franchise. Slated for release in July of 2007, the film brings together the creative minds of co-producer Adam DeSanto, Steven Spielberg, and screen writer Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

A Closer Look

The movie begins when Captain Archibald Witwicky land Decepticon leader Megatron's on hand after he fell into a ravine while on a trip through the Arctic circle in the 1800s. Megatron creates a map to the Allspark into Witwicky glasses, whose handed down to his grandchildren Sam Witwicky in the present. Sam buys his first car, the Autobot Bumblebee, which in turn, helps him meet Mikaela, a new love interest. As the search for Autobots Witwicky's glasses, the Decepticon's invade Sam's house, triggering a chain of events that leads Autobot leader Optimus Prime and Megatron in the ultimate battle.

One of the most surprising and refreshing aspects of the film promises to be the effect. Producer Lorenzo In Bonaventura wanted to keep things realistic side, so instead of going to a standard box like appearance for the main character Optimus Prime, he turned him into a Peterbuilt truck. Autobot Bumblebee was changed from a Volkswagen Beetle into a Chevrolet Camero, and other Autobots were all shifted to gm vehicle as part of contract negotiations. The transformation sound effect heard many fans as kids are reused throughout the movie, and motion capture points are used to create many effects movie-goers will see on the screen.

Given that the internet trailer received more hits than any other online movie trailer, the new movie Transfomers promises to be a huge success and a wonderful addition to the family.

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